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  • wendycurry
    tentatively diagnosed at 25, after second optic neuritis.  That as 1991.   But told to wait to try test for official diagnosis when the symptoms progressed, as preexisting conditions can effect what insurance might support.  25 years of random symptoms, it progressed to the level where i couldn't just 'live with it".  MRI was last week.  Confirmed.. I knew it all along, but it's nice to have the confirmation
  • SueG
    Hi OffBalance, I was/am 47 and dx'd - also with psoriasis/excema and my mom has leukopenia and other auto immune issues as well.  interesting to read the ages - thanks for posting
  • Amber9
    Hi offbalance! I was 19 years old when I was diagnosed with optic neuritis which immediately made them start looking into possible MS. I was officially clinically diagnosed in August of 2009 at the age of 25. I was put on Avonex and did well with that for a while, I recently have been experiencing more and more symptoms of MS and I am having to really learn my limits... Which is very hard for me. I am learning slowly but surely.
  • scorpio19th
    I was diagnosed at age 53 but, with hindsight I know that I had symptoms like blurry vision and vasovagal fainting as far back as 12 years old.
  • randys438
    I was diagnonsed in July of 2008 at 45.  I had my first symptoms about a year before, numb hands.  At that time they thought I had Carpal tunnel.  I was tested and told that Carpal tunnel was negative.  No one else in my family has had MS, but my mother had Lupus. 
  • Gean_C
    Hey Offbalance, I turned 65 today and I have be dxd for about 13 years now.  It only took them 5 years to diagnose me so I feel pretty lucky. 

    Being older you never know if it is just old age symptoms or something not so serious like MS.  Exercise, diet, and the right attitude is the best help for MS other than the meds.  I have been on Avonex for 12 years and am going to be joining the Tysabri drip club in June.  Tysabri is another med.

    I am suggesting two groups to everyone:  Laughing With MS   and   NEVER GIVE UP!  I hope we can get a ton of people there....not just one person that weighs a ton.

    Anyway there are lots of groups to join and you will get support from every one of them..  You will never find a better group of people than at MS Connections.  God Luck
  • Michraf
     I was diagnosed 9 yrs ago when was 33. I had a feeling it was MS. My mom has MS which made me familar with it. So far, probably because of the meds available now and everyone reacting differently to the disease I am doing well. My first nuero was horrible. I only saw himonce and then switched. The ride into NYC isn't fun, but the nuero and pratice is great!
  • Michraf
    Ok, I know iam late to reply here. Iwas diagnosed in 2003. I was 36. Now 44. My mom has MS too. She is not in great shape, but she is here.  So far so good for me.
  • Lloyd
    I was 55 and I told the neuro he was wrong because I banged the base of my neck very bad the year before, then I became sick with what I thought was the flue only my left side went numb. The numbness never went away but I learner to deal with it until it became difficult to walk then I went back to the neuro who asked me why I did not follow up with treatment in Charlotte? I told him I did not believe his diagnosis until now when its hard to walk. Keep in mind now I have had the numbness for 3 years and still no treatment. I called CMC in Charlotte and everyone gave appointments three months out, so someone suggested I ask to be put on the cancellation list which I did and I received acall one week later to be there the next day. By that time I had been out of work for a month and applied for SSDI and was approved on the first request tell me that's not a miracle.
  • Kat1990
    I was diagnosed when I was 48. The symptoms started when I was 32.
  • omar
    I was diagnosed in December 2010 when i was 32
  • SARAH74
    Hi Offbalance! I was 34 (now 38) everyone that I have actually met were in their 30s I've heard of young people getting it but honestly I didn't know 65+ got it .Now I know age must not matter..
  • kimberly963
    I am 51 now, and was dx 6 years ago. But my current neuro looked at past MRI's and was outraged, cause you could see the beginnings of lesions. He thinks I've had it about 15 years,
  • dabby4205
    I was 26 when i was diagnosed 
  • j-dusenberry
    i was 29 yrs old
  • zacherydellis
    SARAH74 wrote: Hi Offbalance! I was 34 (now 38) everyone that I have actually met were in their 30s I've heard of young people getting it but honestly I didn't know 65+ got it .Now I know age must not matter..

    Hi my name is zachery and i was dignised as the age of 8 now 16 the ms shows up in tenagers more then the adoults now.
  • alialzaabi
    I got MS when i was 12.. Doctors did not know what i had.. I was walking with a limp.. 
  • Kimberly
     Hi Offbalance,
     I just wanted you to know.. that not only do I have MS, but my Mom of 79 yrs old was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with MS. She also has other autoimmune related diseases as well which might be a good thing as one cannot take over the other? Who knows? I do know that Autoimmune diseases are related to MS. My Mother is proof as well as I am. Let me start by telling you that my Mom has MS, Lupus, Raynauds, Scleroderma, Sjogren's, Leukopenia as well as Hashimotos disease and a few others that I cant remember at the moment.
     I have MS, Lupus, Psoriasis, Sarcoidosis, Scleritis, Blifferitis and Optic Neuritis. I hope you will go to my page and read my profile as my story is there. I was like you when I was diagnosed with MS as I knew it was not all in my head. I was relieved! If you want to learn more on Autoimmune diseases , go to for more info. I am also a support leader for aarda in Michigan. I hope you are doing well. talk soon. xoxoxo
  • Avatar

      I tried to go your page and cannot access it.  I would love to visit your page.  So sorry that you have so many auto immune diseases.