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  • JenniferBB

    I have had off and on symptoms of MS for years. I had an MRI of my brain a week ago today and have not heard anything yet. I am just curious if others heard right away when they had ms lesions or did your doctor wait until your next appointment to tell you? Was no news good news for you?

    I had an MRI in 2011 that was "unremarkable" without contrast. This time I did have contrast. I have had symptoms for about 10 years now, starting very mild and getting more noticeable every time they come up again. I would like personal experience or opinion, is it likely that because I had symptoms years ago and had a clean MRI that it isn't MS at all? Did anyone have a clean mri only to get a positive later?

    Thank you for your input.

  • aalvarez398

    I think depending on the Dr it can take a week or even two. If you are annoyingly persistant, as I am, they will tell you general information about the MRI over the phone but in most cases they want to see you to discuss it.  They won't fully diagnosis you without atleast 3 lesions. Have you had a spinal tap done? I had two spots the year prior to getting diagnosised and then my spinal fluid came back negative for inflamation or whatever they look for to indentify MS. The following year I had almost twenty lesions on my brain. and a few on my spine. They didn't even do a spinal tap. It is possible that lesions can form rapidly over time, especially is you are currently feeling symptoms. 

  • JenniferBB

    I have never had a spinal tap. My last mri didn't show any lesions, just mentioned "dural calcifications" whatever that is. It just seems that doctors keep going back to the possibility of ms and it seems like there should have been physical evidence of it by now it that was the case. My symptoms have been mild over the years, but over the past two months have compounded and happened more frequently. I guess I should go the "annoyingly persistant" route. haha Thanks for the reply.

  • Terri62

    I was having some weird symptoms and was misdiagnosed with Bell's Palsey . When more things came up my family doctor ordered an MRI  that came back abnormal. He sent me to the neurologist. She had me get MRIs with and without contrast of my brain, thoracic, and cervical spine, an MRA, a spinal tap, optic nerve test, and every kind of blood work imaginable. With all that she made my diagnosis after just 3.5 months and I started on Copaxone the following month. I feel fortunate to have a doctor that doesn't mess around but still consider finding an MS specialist. Be your own advocate and be politely persistent until you get answers. Best wishes!