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  • callieravan1

    Im 22 years old and suffering from symptoms of MS which i never had until a few months after i was injured at work. Ive read on several sites and been told that it has been disproven that any physical trauma could be connected to getting MS, though im not sure i trust that. I have yet to be diagnosed and i dont know what im more scared of, that i will be diagnosed with MS, or that i may not be (bc then it could be something even worse). The uncertainty of not knowing is only playing on my depression and anxiety even more. My spine dr that ive been seeing since my injury is the one who has referred me to see a neurologist and a neuro opthamologist bc of how swollen my inner eye was, plus pain in the eye, blurred vision for months etc. Add that up to the other symptoms ive been having that didnt connect to my injury and he said that he believed i may have MS. I have a beautiful 3yr old daughter Amilya Grace, who has learned over the past year and a half that mommy stays in a good amount of pain pretty much daily, she understands i have limitations on what i can do but it breaks my heart that shes having to ride this rollercoaster with me. I hurt from my back injury and from the different symptoms that may possibly be MS. I think the most aggravating thing is not being able to say what i have only what i may* have. My biggest challenges as of now (june 23rd 2015) that are related to MS are : -legs going numb, tingling, sharp pain, pins and needles. -hands shake -left arm going numb, dull pain, sharp shooting pain, hard to use left hand. -forgetfulness. -major mood swings. -depression/anxiety. -left eye blurs over more than my right but now they both do. Looks like a film over my eye. Left eye sore a good deal of the time. -problem with bowels -trouble with balance - slurred speech/tongue tied -hard to sing, talk, swallow. Sometimes my throat feels like it is almost closed up. -major fatigue -major major migraines -dizzy spells I just need someone to talk to that is going through the same thing.

  • ernurseohio

    I am so sorry you are stressed!! I understand your fears...both fearing getting a positive diagnosis or not getting one. You don't mention whether you have had any testing yet or if the doctor has mentioned MS as a possibility. 

    I am an RN, worse yet an ER nurse who of course make the worst patients lol!! We are terrible about googling our symptoms and diagnosing ourselves with of course the worst case scenarios. When I was diagnosed at age 49 in 2010, I had it narrowed down to MS and a brain tumor based on my symptoms. I was so relieved when it was MS lol! 

    As you can tell, I try to look at things from a positive perspective. What I can tell you is MS is not a fatal disease. It is bothersome for sure and it can impact your everyday life. MS is different for everyone. I have many local friends I've met through my journey who are your age living absolutely normal lives for the most part. Each of us learns to deal with our particular main symptoms which are bothersome in different ways. Most of my disabilities are invisible...fatigue, memory loss, eyesight loss ect. I have some physical ones as well...numbness, dizziness, imbalance, muscle fatigue and pain but again you can't see it.  

    The most important thing I found is to find a neurologist who specializes in caring for people with MS. I was referred to Ohio State who had an entire clinic which did nothing but research, clinical trials and treated MS patients. My physician and a colleague have since moved on to a competing hospital network in the Columbus area so I went with him! Having a physician who is actually doing research or at the least staying on top of the latest trends is so important! There are new drugs coming out all the time meant to help prevent flares. 

    Hopefully you will get a diagnosis either yay or nay. I know some people struggle just to get yay or nay. I was lucky because by the time I had symptoms mine was easily diagnosed. Social media like Facebook has tons of support groups online which are sometimes helpful. If you have a local support group I encourage you to attend those meetings as well. You will find lots of support from people in your shoes 😉. It's difficult for those who haven't been in our shoes to truly understand...I sincerely don't mean that in a negative way either. It's just difficult when someone looks ok on the outside to understand! 

    Life you are on FB and want to chat more, feel free to send me a friend request 😉. I am very open about my journey. I can't give advice but I'm more than happy to listen or share my experiences! I'm under Penny McBlane Ake

    Hope this helps even a little bit! Sorry it was so long!


  • callieravan1
    Thank you souch for taking the time to comment with such kind words, i really appreciate it! My Dr i was seeing for a spinal injury actually added up all my symptoms, saw the inside of my left eye was severly swollen (painfully so!) And that it blurred over with a clearish film very often and is sending me to a neurologist and a neuro opthamologist to make sure ,but he believes that i have MS. Im doing as much reaearch as i can on MS so that im aware of the possibilities of what may come but im very scared, and very much alone bc my parents think you should work through any sort of pain.
  • looch17

    I am 24 and newly diagnosed with MS this past Novemeber. I am so sorry to hear of your struggle i too battle with stress at a severe level. I agree greatly with what the ER nurse has said, very well put ! This is a great community here you will always have a place to turn to with worries or struggles and they will always be met with kind words and helpful tips. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything at all please do not hesitate to inbox me anytime. When i first found this site i just needed someone to talk to that understood the disease and what i was going through and i found so much comfort here i hope the same for you, best of luck

  • michele712011

    I live on staten island too... Where do you live?

  • callieravan1
    Thank you for your kind words too! I greatly appreciate the support ive found here so far, its nice to know im not completely alone on this journey of finding out if i do or do not have MS. I would love to chat sometime about your experiences and how youve coped etc.!