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  • laurenc05
    Hi, I'm currently in the waiting process of discovering whether or not I have MS and am really having a hard time believing this is even a possibility. 

    I started having numbness and tingling with persistent pins and needles sensations in both of my hands around early June. After a few days, I visited a local urgent care where the PA deemed it was likely carpal tunnel and prescribed a steroid to assist with symptom relief. That relief never came, however, and I returned to the urgent care after about day 4. Next came labwork to rule out vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems and a referral to the neuro. My symptoms continued, the labs came back normal and I waited about two months for my neuro visit. 

    After about a month of persistent numbness and tingling with persistent pins and needles sensations in my hands, I woke up one day and was symptom free. I contemplated cancelling my upcoming neuro visit but my mom encouraged me to go, just in case. I heeded her advice and off we went to the neuro where I provided detailed medical hx and recently experienced symptoms. The neuro was quite perplexed, thinking most likely I just have overactive nerves, but decided to do additional thyroid labs and ordered a neck MRI. 

    My labs again returned normal but the MRI did not. My neuro called me personally with the results and seemed pretty confident, based on the MRI and my medical hx/symptoms, it was MS. I visited the NP the following day and was informed I'd be having a MRI of the brain and lumbar puncture, as well as more labs to rule out other disease possibilities. 

    I am currently waiting for my MRI and lumbar puncture to be scheduled and labs were completed just a few days ago. Again, I'm playing the waiting game and can't help but to think, think, and think some more.

    Some say I'm in denial but I just don't believe my symptoms point to MS. I've spoken to a colleague who has MS and she still feels I could have carpal tunnel. Can anyone relate??

    Brief Overview of Symptoms and Medical Hx:

    Numbness, tingling sensation in both hands (lasted ~1 month, June 2016)
    Anxiety (prescribed Lexapro and Ativan)
    Difficulty with speech (rapid pace, slurring, word confusion)
    Fatigue (requires Adderall)
    Emotional changes (moodiness, irritability)
    Slight change in hearing (PCP found decrease in left ear)
    Difficulty concentrating 
    Poor decision making 
  • saja65

    I'm sorry that you're going through this. Worrying about your health and waiting for answers is so difficult and scary. I understand you being nervous. It does sound like your doctors are doing all they should to rule out, or confirm MS. Being that your numbness and tingling was in both hands and then completely vanished, it does sound like it could be something else other than MS. A bulging disc for instance can cause these very symptoms. While MS can cause hearing loss, it's very rare. Your problems with aniety and depression can also be the culprit here and explain your symptoms, even the numbess and odd tingling sensations.
    I'm surprised that your neurologist so quickly suspected MS with only a MRI of your neck to be honest. I think he or she should have perhaps waited for the results on these other tests and not brought this scary possibility to your mind. I know it is nearly impossible to do but, try hard not to get to stuck on the idea that this is MS. Wait and let the doctors to their jobs and see what they find in these next tests.
    Again, I'm so sorry you are going through this and I hope you get solid answers very soon.
    Feel free to contact me if you need to just chat. I know how maddening this waiting can be!