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  • ypuckett
    Hello everyone. I am a 43 yr old single mother. I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago with MS.  My neurologist suspects that I've had relapsing MS since 2004. I've had ongoing bouts of vertigo starting 2004, then 2012. I was refered to a neurologist because I started to notice weakness in my left leg.  After 3 MRIs the doctor concluded that I had MS.  He stated that I had too many lesions to count. (That scared me more than anything).  My father had MS during a time when not much was known about it.  He lived with this disease for 35 years. My mother was told back in the 70s that it is not genetic. Now here I am with MS.  I do know there are many more treatments now than ever before.  I'm determined to keep a positive attitude, but I admit sometimes that's not easy. 
  • kikomon
    I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  If there is a good time to have MS, it us now.  So many support groups and medications are now available.  I cant wait see what the next few years will have in store.

    Keep your head up and embrace MS.  I've learned that we have two options: get bitter or get better.  
  • californiadreamin
    My wife is the same age as you and was diagnosed last november.    There is a genetic component to MS.   you are 20-40 times as likely to have it if you have a direct relative that has it.   We are following something called OMS (  It is a very hopeful site that explains a lot of the options out there including diet, exercise and medication.    We follow the diet super closely and I am optimistic it will improve out outcome.   We have also been adding gorund flaxseed and vitamin D for my two kids to help reduce their future risk.  I encourage you to look at the website (everything is free) and consider ordering the book if you want to understand more about the science on why (though almost everything is on the site, just I found it easier to read a book).

    We are using Tecfidera though ocrelizumab might become available next week.   I am not a professional in the medical field at all, but based on my research I think getting a good drug and following a diet and lifestyle program based on good science is your best bet.   

    There is lot to be hopeful for and there are some great options probably not to far out so we are hoping to buy time through the above methods.

  • MS_Navigator_Steph

    I am so glad that you found this site and are reaching out! I included some additional information that may be helpful below:
    Knowledge is Power

    Newly Diagnosed


    The National MS Society also has MS Navigators available to answer your questions, offer support, and connect you with information about MS and local programs and services.  Please feel free to call us at 1-800-344-4867 7a-5p MST to speak with a Navigator.

    MS Navigator Stephanie

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