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  • msfirefly
    Hello everyone! My name is Desiree, I have two babies (1&3), I'm 25 years old, I'm a stay at home mom, and recently I've been having a lot of symptoms that my doctor believes is MS. I am scheduled for an MRI at the end of the month and see a neurologist next week. I just want to come to the experienced community and see what everyone thinks about it. I'm patiently waiting for a diagnosis because of these symptoms:

    Burning muscular/nerve pain
    Muscular weakness/tightness
    Sharp pains in my jaw line (that get worse with time)
    Pain in my eyes upon movement and a slight blur in my right eye (no migraine or headache at the time)
    Odd lines of light in my sight
    Sensitivity to light 
    Migraine headaches
    Twitching/spasms in muscles
    Buzzing/vibrating when putting my neck down
    A sudden onset of what I think is drop foot because I cannot lift my left leg when walking
    Heat/sun sensitivity
    Sudden itching episode in my legs that lotion and scratching don't solve
    Tingling/numbness in my limbs
    Twitching in my lips/eyelids
    Extreme fatigue even though I've had a full nights sleep
    My hand locks up on me if trying to lift weights or use a firm grasp
    Burning in my feet
    Lots of hand pains
    and quite a bit more 

    I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year, and I've heard that it can be related? My stomach issue got better but then later developed in to all of these other symptoms. I am alone in this and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to accept it. My doctor seems to think I have MS, so here we are, in the process of a diagnosis.

    Any thought, advice, or support would be greatly appreciated :) 

    Thanks in advance!
  • sonja85
    I'm sorry for your discomfort..Your symptoms sounds familiar. I was diagnosed 2013... Waiting for confirmation of tests will leave you feeling stressed and anxious. I was told MS can mimic so many other conditions, it's just best to wait patiently for your results. For now try and refocus on your life this day. It's tough waiting, however, once diagnosed you can determine what to do  next. I know this isn't much, nevertheless, I hope this helps.
  • Melly
    Hi Desiree. Yes, your symptoms sound very familiar to me! I've had these symptoms for 2 years and am still not diagnosed. I had a swollen optic nerve with extreme head and neck pain and vision changes which is what sent me to the dr. My MRI came back clean, no lesions. I then had a spinal tap which showed I do have o-bands which is a protein they look for with MS. Like someone else said, these symptoms are similar to several diseases. And MS can be very difficult to diagnosis and potentially take years. So this is what they are looking for, lesions on your MRI, if you have them you most likely will be diagnosed. If you don't, there are other tests they can do, spinal tap which can rule out Lyme disease and other infections and they can see if you have o -bands. There are nerve tests they can do. Lupus is another disease with similar symptoms that they might test you for depending on your MRI results. My suggestion to you, if you can, ask for a referral to an MS specialist instead of a general neurologist. I wish I would have done that! I have kept a journal of symptoms. And since ive gone 2 years and feel stuck, im changing drs. So remember your Drs work for you, make sure they listen and if you aren't happy with them go to someone new! The advice my Dr gave me is to educate myself and be prepared for it to take time. Let us know how that MRI turns out!
  • bubbadog66
    Hi Desiree,
    I was diagnosed last Dec 2016 after years of being told my similar symptoms as yours were mere panic attacks, anxiety or worse YET "all in my head"! You know YOUR body better than anyone so you are NOT losing your mind. 
    You've received great advice thus far. Start a list of questions and concerns for your neurologist visit. As suggested i started a Log Book/diary so so speak of ALL my symptoms: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - they are all relevent and connected!
    Live the one unpredictable moments at a time as suggested until you find out for sure if it is in fact MS or not MS...remember when your mind follows your body's lead and races uncontrollably to ask yourself: Where are MY feet at right now at this moment? Baby steps of forward motion and don't expect every moment to be graceful because it will not be. If and when you find out it is MS or a similar chronic illness you will only find solice if you internalize the Serenity Prayer concept: God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can (myself and MY thinking/actions), and the wisdom to know the difference.
    Be kind to yourself, relish in the small beautiful moments you will experience if you slow down enough to see them, slow down but keep moving forward with your life and know that if it is MS YOU are not alone, we are here to help you get from here to there!!