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  • jackbijou
    I'm new to this, I'm sorry if this is a repost... I have symptoms, both common and uncommon, of MS. I am becoming increasingly worried about it all... My doctor recently diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, and put me on gabapentin. I am worried, that since gabapentin can be used in MS for nerve pain that my symptoms may be covered up... I had a lumbar MRI for pain diagnosis and that came back normal.. But my main question is.. How do I bring it up to my doctor? I don't want to be dismissed or ignored. Even though my lumbar MRI came back normal, is it possible that the lesions can be further up my spinal cord? Please respond! I would love some advice here. Thank you!
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello jackbijou,

    Thank you for your post. MS can be difficult to diagnose because there is not one symptom or test that can - by itself - determine a diagnosis of MS. Here are a couple links from our website that I hope will be helpful:

    Possible MS

    Diagnosing MS

    i also encourage you to view this link about making the most of your doctor visits. It offers some helpful strategies to prepare for your appointments.

    Lastly, if you would like to get a second opinion, you can search for an MS care provider at this link.

    ~MS Navigator Stephanie
  • charlescrook
    When I went to the doctor's, they gave me 4 MRIs. 3 on my spin, 1 on my brain. In that, they found a lesion located around the center of my chest and a lesion in my right brain. I haven't deatl with many doctors, so I can't tell you how to bring it. But yes, they can be further up your spine and in your brain.
  • capitolcarol
    Hi, it sounds like you really ought to get a second opinion.  You should try with the new neurologist to get a cervical and brain MRI and see how those come out.  Keep in touch.
  • jackbijou
    My MRI came back with brain lesions, but no formal diagnosis, yet.