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  • shannonmcfly
    Hi all - I am new here and am experiencing possible symptoms of MS.  For about 6 months now I have been having on and off unilateral eye pain - went to my eye doctor and he said my vision was better than in the past - went to a neuro chiropractor that I always go to and brought it up and she said my eye "constricted like a cat eye" - (I looked this up, not really a thing).  It seemed to get better for awhile until the last 2 weeks the pain/pressure in my right eye has been constant. I am also getting a weird sensation in the same side of my head that does not cross midline.  No vision loss, no blurring of vision, no flashers/floaters - just a weird sensation. I feel like I want to wear a patch over my eye in order for it to feel better. I also experience extreme fatigue - times when I have gotten plenty of sleep and had a normal day and just cannot phyiscally make myself stay awake.  I am 22 and my boyfriend has noticed my fatigue so much because it doesn't seem right. I am a new physician assistant grad so have been chalking the fatigue up to the intensity of school and rotations but it seems to be getting progressively worse with time. As of the last few days, I have been experiencing numbness down the right arm and on and off in my left leg.  I am a 22 year old caucasian female living in an area where MS is very common, I know of at least 10 people in my ridiculously small town with it. Also, being a physician assistant - one would think my knowledge would be able to help me figure out what is going on but when it comes to myself everything I've ever learned goes out the window.  I was seen last week at my primary and she agreed that imaging is warranted but I can't get in for an MRI for 2 more weeks. I have been reading a lot about MS and other peoples stories and just wanted to get some input if this seems like it could even be MS to help ease my mind some. 

    Thanks in advance! :)
  • maria1
    Hey shannon, Even the doctors some times cant figure it out, or the symptoms so close yet tooooo soon to really tell. Or the tests are inconclusive.  And sometimes some of the symptoms do not fit the ms criterior though some do. And it is always a waiting game. We learn to wait, wait for an appointment, wait for a test, wait for the revue, and wait for them to make up their minds or suggest we see another specialist, and yet another. Ease your mind knowing that you have the appointment for the test and that you are proactive in your healthcare. We are called patients because we have learned patience in waiting for answers. Try not to let your mind wander into the what if territory. Go about your business until your tests, only because, you may need more tests after those tests. You have begun the journey on the road to solutions. You may not get your answer as quickly as you want. We are all living in the domain of instant info universe and we are not use to having to wait for answers, but when it comes to the brain and the body it is not always an instant answer. maria
  • shannonmcfly
    Hi Maria, 
    Thanks for your reply and advice.  I've seemed to notice that the "waiting game" is the trend in the MS world.  I am definitely grateful to be getting an MRI so soon in the game.  Thanks again :)
  • awilliams84
    My first symptoms were virtigo then numbness and tingling on one side of my body. I did all the tests... mri, spinal tap, Neuro/coordination tests. I had a lesion on my spine and some on my brain. The neurologist said that the lesions weren't necessarily consistent with ms and recommended I come back in a year for a follow up mri. At the time I was in m y last year of school (so super stressed) and very overweight. After school, I lost weight and greatly reduced my stress. I also started working out regularly. I didn't have any more symptoms so I chalked it up to my unhealthy lifestyle. Flash forward about 8-9 years and I started having the same numbness and tingling. I was just recently diagnosed. I also have extreme fatigue that comes and goes. My husband still doesn't understand how I can sleep so much sometimes and still be exhausted. Even if you don't get an answer right away, stay on top of it and follow up if they ask you too. Had I went back I could have started treatment much sooner.
  • shannonmcfly
    Hi there, 
    Thanks for your reply, I too have recently finished school and have started living a healthier lifestyle... exercising and eating healthier.  And my boyfriend says the same things! He can get 5 hours of sleep and go go go when I get 10 and have a normal day and I am the one exhausted at the end of the day.  Thanks for the advice!