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  • butters88
    I was dx with Fibro in 2003 by a Physiatrist out of the lack of finding anything else wrong with me.  It began with hip pain spreading to overall pain. At the time I was on Celexa for depression following the birth of my second child and my mother was very ill.   He sent me to a pain clinic to receive shots. for my hip.  MRI of the lumbar and other films didn't show anything remarkable concerning my hip but the shots helped.  Overall pain became worse. The pain Dr. tried me and everything he could think of, and nothing made much difference until I tried Cymbalta and Norco which helped. I also presented with a burning/swelling/itching feeling only on the right side.  Numbness/tingling in hands and feet, more drugs (Lyrica) with little results. I stopped seeing the pain doc in 2012 and continued with my PCP. Since then I've been dx  with Raynaud's.  Still have the numbness/tingling, and now pressure and pain around my right eye.  Numbness/tingling on R side of my face. Muscle cramps spasms and just within the last 6 months a horrible jolt/volt in my body when I tip my head forward or backwards. If I don't get a volt, it's a strong vibration head to toe.  Horrible cold/nightsweats (I've had a hysterectomy and on HRT.) Recently develpoed trigger finger (R hand), muscle weakness, etc.  I know I have Fibro-fog but it's gotten so much worse.  MRI done by my PCP of my cervicle came back normal. I requested to see a Neurologist after they suggested PT & pain shots in my neck (no pinched nerve or stenosis).  Met with her just this week. She has ordered an MRI of my brain and a slew of bloodwork. She prescribed (can't recall name) to help with nerve pain and sleep (I take Ambien already). What concerns me is she said her suspicion of MS is low and this could just be another manifestation of Fibro.  I don't expect anyone here to give a definative answer yes or no, but could it?  If the MRI comes back normal I don't know what I'll do...I am skeptical of an "all clear" because of the newly developed jolts/volts I'm having which is common with MS. I don't have a medical degree, so what do I know.  Just wondering if anyone out there with Fibro had the same issue before a MS dx.  Thank you.
  • maria1
    butters, I have both ms & fibro, if I get in the car I am miserable for days. When I take a two hour one way trip to the md it takes me a week to recoup. Do you spend much time in the car?