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  • hutch00079
    So I have been battling this for 5 years. 5 years ago I had vision problems, headaches, and had problems with balance. Not too bad, but had a friend tell me to get tested. My MRI shows no signs... 5 years ago. I has diagnosed with chronic migraines. I really never went for more testing. Now my symptoms are much worse... motion sickness, dizziness when I move my head to the side, heat problems, tired all the time, numbness, pain in my back, hips and legs making it hard to walk, slurred speech... just to name a few. 2 drs told me to get checked again so I went to see another dr... He had it in him mind that I didn't have ms the moment he looked at me... told me it was depression... He has not referred me or anything... what do I do?
  • maria1
    Ask your pcp to give you a referral to a neurologist.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Hutch00079!

    Sounds like this process has sure been frustrating!

    If you're considering a diagnosis of MS, feel free to search for MS doctors/clinics in your area here: Partners in MS Care, or call us so that we can look up additional referrals within our database.