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  • jackbijou
    Hello everyone, I have just received a 3 part MRI which came back with several brain lesions.. I have many symptoms of MS, yet no spinal lesions.. The MRI report came back as inconclusive, upon the findings of the lesions, meaning they don't know if it is MS. I do have four herniated discs, two of them touching the spinal cord, also found with these MRIs. I am seeing an MS specialist on Tuesday to "research" my results and figure out more about my condition. I guess I'm looking for answers, advice, encouraging words. If anyone has any information to spare, it would be greatly appreciated... Yours truly, Confused, anxious, and worried.
  • bubbadog66
    I an anxious, confused and worried as well. I remember those pre-diagnosed with MS days that for me have rolled right into being diagnosed (Dec 2016)...a double edged sword so to speak.

    The answer was just the beginning! You'd think it would all make sense now but it didn't. Staying in the moment has been crucial in my recovery, in my commencement with this new life, this new fact about this life of mine. MY MS symptoms have truly changed me...the jury is still out on if it was for the "better" or for the "worse". The glass is better when half full instead of half empty. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, always something to be grateful for because my MS has not stolen "everything" from me yet.

    Welcome to the club no one really wants to be in if in fact you do have MS. In hindsight, living life and changing certain thought processes is handy knowledge to have, to work on, even in those dark days of confusion and uncertainty. 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Click here for link This link will give you an idea about MS diagnosis criteria. As for you not having spinal lesions, if you mean via MRI, that wouldn't necessarily mean you don't have MS. Even if you mean that you've had a spinal tap and that came back negative for 'o' bands, you could still even have MS. So look at the diagnosis tip sheet link & review the info there. For me I was diagnosed in late July of this year. First many lesions were discovered after a brain MRI, then after a spinal tap came back definately positive for elevated levels of 'o' bands, the neurologist concluded not only did I have MS, but he imagines I've had it for some time. I would say don't stress yourself out, just know that your life may be changing but with a good MS support system in place, you will pull through.
  • MS_Navigators
    You are certainly not alone in this.  MS can be a very difficult disease to diagnose as it can present very similar to other conditions.  A big piece of diagnosing MS is ruling out other conditions that might be causing your symptoms.  I'm glad to read that you are seeing a specialist and it sounds like your medical team is on top of everything to find you some answers.  Unfortunately, this can often take some time.  I would suggest looking at our website for information on "Possible MS" - you can get started at this link:

    This is a great page to find answers and support and please do not hesitate to reach out to the National MS Society by calling 1-800-344-4867 to speak with a MS Navigator. 

    MS Navigator Ashley 

  • awilliams84
    When I fisrt had symptoms almost 10 years ago, they weren't sure I had MS. I was told to come back after a year for another MRI to see if there were any changes. At the time I was a stressed out college student and very overweight. My symptoms subsided, I graduated, reduced my stress and started treating my body better with diet and excercise. I didn't have any other symptoms so I contributed my previous ones to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. I recently started having the same symptoms and was diagnosed. It is scary and frustrationg but keep following up. I wish I would have gone back sooner to make sure my scans were not changing, maybe I could have started treatment sooner.
  • jackbijou
    Thanks all, for the responses. I'm happy for them; you relieved some tension from my shoulders.. Tomorrow, I see a specialist at University Hospitals, and am hoping for the best: answers. Thanks again! -Kayla