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  • anneaie
    Hello everyone, my name is Angelique, I'm 19 years old, and I think that I may have MS. Over the past year Ive had to extreme fatigue and had to go to the bathroom an insanely high amount of times. I didnt take much notice to it and thought it would go away. But it hasnt, so I went to Dr. Google and I think I also align with many other MS symptoms like mood swings, poor concentration, a tingling feeling, and muscle spams. MS runs in my family, on both my mom and dads side. I dont have a doctors appointment until the end of the month to get checked out. The not knowing is the worst part right now. 
  • nursep
    Just wanted to say doctors feel per mRI I have had MS since high school Not diagnoses until 43  In all those years I had MS but symptoms came and went and I just went about my life Had kids took care of family and worked on a heavy cardia cancer unit for decades as a registered nurse Busy busy busy so I never questioned why I was so tired and neither did anyone else. 
    There were some odd symptoms over the years that gave me some concern but nobody ever figured it out until I had vision issues a few years ago . In other words even if it is ms it tis possible to have a pretty full normal busy and wonderful life. I am still busy and happy
  • bubbadog66
    Hi, being newly diagnosed i remember that waiting game pre finding out the knowledge about what is wrong with me...was told countless times that my concerns, where "all in my head"...yup, it was in my head!! 

    Just remember that NO, you aren't going insane, and that you're not alone, most of us have been there done that, with and without MS diagnosis knowledge about ourselves. Stay positive (yeah, hard as H E double hockey and be grateful in all the unpredictable moments of change you are experiencing!! Baby steps amidst the overwhelming hopelessness will drag you through i hear! 
  • jennifer_m
    One big time suggestion: do NOT look at WebMD, it will get you paranoid and worried.  However, there are websites like and this website for support.  If you are a new citizen of Planet MS, you truly are not alone.  I myself am coming up to my 2 year MSversary and I'm still adjusting to random bouts of fatigue, sudden bathroom urges, unexplained numbness, fill in the blanks.  It took nearly 10 years and the right doctors to get my firm diagnosis, but I'm now on Ocrevus and my body seems to be responding just fine.
    If you haven't joined the over 350,000 U.S. citizens LIVING with MS, good on you.  However it turns out, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.  Stick to your guns, medically.  If you feel deep down in your gut that something is wrong, don't give up on finding the answer.
  • capitolcarol
    You don't say what kind of doctor.  Are you going to see a neurologist or your primary doctor?  I had MS in my family, but didn't find this out until much much later.  I know the waiting period can be aggravating and you'll lose sleep about it.  Be sure to write down all your symptoms and also have a list of questions prepared to ask the doctor.  You really have to look out for yourself.  Good luck to you and please get back in touch with us to let us know how your doctor's appointment went.    

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