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  • juliajune

    I have begun the journey into testing here in China. I went to an international medical center last week where I explained the symptoms I am currently experiencing (tingling and numbness in my feet, hands, lips, and mouth, cramps in my feet, tightness around my chest). I was sent for an MRI of my lower back and given an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. That doctor was very kind and told me I had been sent to the wrong doctor and asked that my fees be refunded and referred me to a neurologist. Today, I saw the neurologist and he did some basic testing in the office. I will get an NCS next week. 

    Unfortunately, I do not speak Chinese, so medical visits can be challenging. All of the doctors have spoken English rather well, but I still wonder if I am being understood and if I am understanding everything. I think MS is fairly uncommon here, as well. Needless to say this is hard on anyone going through it. While my challenges are a little different, but it seems this disease presents in so many ways, everyone has a number of challenges getting through the diagnosis process. 

    I have had a Vitamin D deficiency and many possible symptoms over the years. Two years ago, when my tongue first became tingly, my doctor told me I was being overly sensitive. I look at the symptoms and think, oh wow, I’ve had that, and that, and that! But, I know those could be completely unrelated. The trouble I’ve been having lately is the worst I have felt for an extended period. I am hoping I can get some answers soon, but was hoping to find some support while in the process. 

    Thanks for reading, 
  • bubbadog66
    I went through that "it's all in my head" and "tests all came back normal, there is nothing medically wrong with you" days where i knew something wasn't right with me. Pure insanity until someone finally stuck me in an MRI tube and took a look at my brain. Although only diagnosed just under a year my neurologist believes given the damage i've had MS for a decade or even two. This entire process of figuring out why i didn't feel "right" was surreal and a Lifetime Movie Nightmare!!

    Hope you find YOUR answers soon.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello juliajune,

    I hope you can get some answers soon, too. There is an MS organization in Beijing, China that you may want to connect with. I included their information below:
    MS International Federation: China

    MS Navigator Stephanie


  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I was diagnosed in late July of this year after a brain MRI came back showing lots of MS lesions and a spinal tap came back positive for high amounts of elevated protein 'o' bands. Here is a link to criteria for MS diagnosis: criteria chart . Also of course lots of other information on MS can be found online. I'd suggest a brain MRI, blood work and a spinal tap if I were you. I'd also suggest trying to even better inform yourself best you can on MS and try to make a list of all your symptons and bring that complete list with you to your next neurologist appointment. I myself also see a neurosurgeon as besides MS, I also have cervical spinal stenosis.