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  • powerofhope
    Hello everyone, I know that only a Dr can tell me if I have MS but based on the little research i have done so far, I am fairly certain that will be diagnosis.

    I went to see my PCP on Wednesday for a bit of tingling on my face and left arm that I had the previous weekend. He said follow up in 2 weeks if I continue having that sensation.

    Woke up on Saturday and both legs and arms felt heavy and numb. It was as if I had a flu except the skin felt tight and sort of burned. Most of those symptoms went away this morning, but I still feel a bit of numbness in various spots that comes and goes as well as my body trembling as if I am cold. And now that i think back these symtoms aren't new. I actually had tingling in my face/arm about 4 years ago and went to see a neurologist. It was very minor and had already gone away, but the Dr had mentioned MS as an unlikely possibility, but probably not worth doing an MRI. Since then i had a couple incidences that I thought nothing of. Once a couple of my toes went numb while i was in bed, but corrected after a few minutes. Another time my whole hand went numb with the same feeling i had Saturday morning. Only this lasted less than an hour, not 4 days+ like this time. I also noticed my left pinky had gone a numb once or twice for 10 or 15 minutes. So based on all that, doing research online, and listening to all the stories on this site, I am expecting MS will be diagnosed when all is said and done.

    Of course I have read the various stories about how diagnoses can be difficult, i just hope they can do it quickly. I have already contacted my Dr office and just waiting to hear back. Hopefully i can get in to see my neurologist soon. 

    I live alone so I expect I will have a lot of challenges. Hopefully it doesn't end up with me having to burden my family (such as having to move in with a sibling). I don't want to trivialize this by saying something like i want to face this without giving up because many of you on here face so much difficulty I don't want to be arrgoant and assume i can handle it just fine. Thank you for reading,
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in late July of this year after a brain MRI came back showing lots of MS lesions and a spinal tap came back positive for high amounts of elevated protein 'o' bands. I also am having a hard time getting around some days (especially with numbness, heavy legs at times and constant back pain). I have a quad cane I use at times even. Just bending down to put on socks becomes quite an achievement. Also my vision goes in & out at times, I may peer down at something (like my toes for example or a staircase) and get momentary double vision or dizzy). You can read my profile for more of my symptoms. Not sure if any of these symptoms register with you cause of course as you know MS is different for everyone. I'd suggest an MRI of your brain, some blood work, even possibly a spinal tap if your neurologist really thinks it could be MS. A support system being in place could also prove vital.
  • gabrielle519
    I won't go into my whole story because you can read it on my profile but I have had some bumps in the rode. I was diagnosed fast and it didn't turn out good. I can atlease though say I was diagnosed with quickly but I was told I was depressed and stressed because I was also going through nursing school.

    My advice to you is first of all think positive. There are so many new treatments and resources with MS that I don't think you will have to burden anyone. I also want you to make sure you advocate for yourself and don't lose hope!

    Good luck you are in my thoughts.
  • powerofhope
    Thanks for the advice. Neurologist scheduled for January 30th, and I am on the cancellation list so hopefully something opens up before then.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello powerofhope,

    I hope you get answers about what is causing your symptoms quickly. I included some links from our website below that I hope will be helpful.

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    MS Navigator Stephanie