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  • katelenx
    okay so I’ve been having probelms for the past 3 years. I’ve had 2 pregnancies with in those 2 years and try to convince myself it was all pregnancy related and when I would mention nerve pain and certain symptoms to my OB she said it’s probably pregnancy related until symptoms didn’t go away several months after my pregnancy. It started with extreme tiredness and nerve pain and pain behind my right eye and double vision. The pain behind my eye and blurry ness went away after a few weeks then summer came and I hurt all over. The nerve pain and tiredness never went away but every few months I would have a different symptom or symptoms would come back. It’s cutting into my everyday life and I have started to get depressed because of it. I have bladder retention and extremely constipation. Back pain and I’m very achy. My legs feel so heavy and weak. The nerve pain is every where at this point but mostly effects the right side of my body. I recently had my right side of my face go completely numb. The pain gives me insomnia and I can’t sleep at night even though I feel so tired. I get cold and warm sensations down my legs and in my back and neck. I’ve also noticed my pain is the worst in the summer but I also have really bad flare ups when it’s cold. I am frustrated for my husband because i used to be very sexually actively and i have no sex drive at all it actually hurts me to have sex. I’m at a loss I recently switched my family doctor because I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously. My grandma has MS and started telling me my symptoms sounds so similar to hers and she sees a personality change in me. I used to be so active and outgoing. She wasn’t trying to sound mean but she’s noticed I was being a little slow and seemed confused a few time she’s talked to me. I see my new doctor the 5th. Do think this possibly could be ms? How do I bring this all up to my doctor? How can I get my new doctor to take me seriously? 
  • gabrielle519
    Hello Katelenx,

    I'm sorry you are going through this. MS can be super frustrating because a lot of times the symptoms can be blamed on something else (like pregnancy). I saw my primary doctor but my symptoms were very neurological. He sent me straight to a neurologist. I think thats what you need to ask you doctor if he can refer you to a neurologist. Unfortunately MS is hard to diagnose because you basically rule out everything else. You need to stand up for yourself sometimes just to get answers. I have heard that there is a heriditary link although no one else in my family has ever been diagnosed. 

    My suggestion would to write everything down and dates for your new doctor. When certain symptoms started and ended. when you grandma noticed you being slower and stuff like that.  Let him know your grandma has MS. Then take these notes to the neurologist. I would also say maybe bring your grandma with you since she has had experience going through this. She is a great support system since she has this disease. You said you have had times of confusion and I know that I go to the doctor and when I leave I'm like darn I forgot to tell them that. Most likely you will have tests to rule out everything else. Don't get discouraged if you don't get the  diagnosis immediately but they want to make sure that it is right! Good luck!
  • katelenx
    One problem is I have celiac disease, but so does my mom and her mother. But I’ve been gluten free for a long time and less than a year ago my blood levels look fine when it came to the celiac disease. I started keeping notes. My vitamin D is low. It’s so frustrating because they’re trying to treat everything as a separate issue or it’s like they don’t want to listen. You slowly start to feel like you are losing yourself and you are going crazy. I feel like I’m being pushed around and no matter how much I tell my doctor I hurt they focus on a smaller issue and ignore the bigger picture. When you are young doctors and other people take you as a joke. I’ve had people make comments that were older and say you are so young you do not know what real pain is. Unless they can physically see what is wrong with you they think you are dramatic. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi katelenx,

    I think what Gabrielle said is spot on- write down your symptoms, a journal of sorts.  Mention to your doctor that your grandmother has MS, and let them know you're concerned about the symptoms you're experiencing.  If possible, see a neurologist (that is the type of doctor that diagnoses MS).  Keep us updated!

    MS Navigator Jess
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    You're understandably frusterated. I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in late July of this year after a brain MRI came back showing lots of MS lesions and a spinal tap came back positive for high amounts of elevated protein 'o' bands. Even since my diagnosis, my own mother doesn't show much compassion towards me and acts like MS is a joke, and she's retired nurse. So I would say be prepared even if you get diagnosed it won't necessarily mean everyone will be a support system. Thankfully this site is always here for you and will always be a means of support. If you do get diagnosed and find yourself overwhelmed or depresssed,  I would suggest you seek help from a mental health therapist in your area, you can even of course go seek help now. Also if you get diagnosed, google for any MS type support groups in your area or call the National MS Society 1-800-344-4867, I have called and they're very nice and have answered questions for me and sent me information. They can hopefully give you guidance and send you links to an MS support center, group or therapist in your area. Also if you're feeling so down you may hurt yourself you can call the crisis line 1-800-273-8255 also there's a website you may know of already Most likely if you see a neurologist they will order a MRI of your brain, next depending on the results of the MRI they may order blood work to rule out other conditions such as Lymes disease. Next they may order a spinal tap if MS is highly suspected.

  • cathwilms
    Hi Katelenx, I understand what you are going through, as I am in the boat with you. Have had severe symptoms for past 2 years, bit other symptoms a lot longer. The only good thing for me has been, all my doctors know me extremely well, as I have Lupus too. I am very demanding when it comes to healthcare, as I was told for years it was all psychomatic. Needed to see a psychologist, which I did. Have had a good network of doctors for past 17 years and they recognize something is badly wrong. They don't beat around the bush with me and don't dare say the "D" word, (depression). Though, now, yep, I recognize I am depressed, however it is a secondary symptom. I can't even tell you how many doctors I saw before someone finally said it was Lupus. No one had ever tested me for it. Seeing many doctors probably didn't help, as they didn't really know me, but I was angry, frustrated and determined. It's a blessing now, that all my doctors work together and can see all notes from each doctor. Don't be afraid to speak your mind and don't allow them to brush you off. I have an appt on the 5th also, at an MS clinic, recommended by my doctors. They are all in agreement, I probably have MS, and it isn't the first time I've been told this. You're not alone and I hope your new doc points you in the right direction.