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  • kittylover88
    Hey guys, I'm pretty nervous about having my first MRI tomorrow of my brain to test for MS. I just wanted to ask you if any of you have any tips at all? I was told I didn't have to do anything to prepare but the last time I had an MRI for my neck I was in so much pain just holding still. What helps you guys relax aside from medication :) I forgot to ask my doc for some Ativan and I'm not sure if the technician will be able to administer any. Thanks so much in advance Diana
  • maria1
    I just think it is annoying, a lot of noise. When they ask if I want music I ask for Luciano Pavrotti singing opera, I concentrate on his voice to hear if he misses a note, of course he never did, but I concentrate so much on listening to the sound of his voice I nearly miss it all. Remember, the test is what is getting you on your way to feeling better, why be nervous about that?
  • kittylover88
    Thank you so much Maria. That's a great idea! I will ask them to play some music that I enjoy that way I can be jamming to the music in my head while those awful sounds of the machine do their thing. I guess I'm nervous of all that will come after but I've been waiting 6 months for this MRI and the day is finally approaching so maybe that nervousness is also some excitement :) thank you so much for thr advice ! I truly appreciate it. Diana
  • JZR337

    Just reading through some discussions and wondering how your experience went w/ the MRI? Were you able to get passed the noise and listen to some jams?

    Jen :) 
  • kittylover88
    Thanks so much for asking :) In the end I ended up wearing ear plugs and wore a mask and had my eyes closed the whole time. I couldn't have music playing but I was singing songs in my head to distract me lol! I managed to get some Xanax from a friend (thank god for her) so that helped. I have my appointment with my doctor at the end of the month so I will update you all when I get my results. Xoxo Diana
  • capitolcarol
    Hi, they give you earplugs plus you can listen to any music you want. Just think about other things, like what you would rather be doing, or planning things, etc.  Anything to keep your mind busy.   Good luck
  • gabrielle519
    How did it go? Gabrielle