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  • mlhwils514
    Hello, I was diagnosed November 2017. I saw a neurologist this week who ran some blood work. My vitamin D came back low and my TSH level was high. He is referring me to an Endocrinologist. Has anyone else had a high TSH level and low vitamin D with multiple sclerosis? Just trying to sort this whole thing out. 
  • maria1
    Some of us have hypothyroidism and take at least 5,000 units of vitamin D daily along with medication to control the thyroid. Sunshine helps us too. No big deal as far as anything goes.

    My hair was falling out because of hypothroidism and one md said it was a fungus and gave me stuff to put on my head, good thing I got a new gp who cared about his patients! 
  • mlhwils514
    Maria1, thank you for your reply. Oh gosh! Glad you found a new doc! I don't really have hypothyrodism symptoms at this point, so I was just confused. I guess I will find out more once I see the Endocronologist. Thanks again for your reply!!
  • april9517
    There have been recent studies connecting vitamin D levels and MS. Mine were "dangerously low" to where when any new doctor or nurse would look at the level you would have thought they saw a ghost. High dose vitamin D is what a lot of people with MS are now taking, I personally have seen a difference, but maybe thats because mine were so low. I take 10,000 ius a day, with approval from my doctor. 
  • maria1
    you are very welcome
  • mlhwils514
    Thank you for the info. I am just learning about all of this and trying to absorb as much as I can. It is all a bit overwhelming. Dr called in a prescription of 50,000 units a week for me. I am not sure if that is a lot or not...I have had symptoms for some time now. They found lesions on a brain scan 4 years ago, but when the spinal tap came back negative that Neurologist said I didn't have MS. So for the next 4 years I justified or ignored all the strange symptoms and sensations I would have from time to time. An episode of optic neuritis is what sent me to ER recently as I couldn't justify or ignore that one, which led to my diagnosis. I know there is a lot of good information on here and a ton of knowledge and support from those who have had to deal with all things MS. Thanks again for the info! 
  • capitolcarol
    That is so weird that he would refer you to an endocrinologist.  I gather he didn't go for the idea of you possibly have MS?  Most of us take B12 and Vitamin D every day along with our other medications.  I'm trying to remember things.  Did he check out how your reflexes were working, ask you to walk a little bit for him,  and there were a couple of other random tests he might have done.  Hm, I don't know about spinal tap, sounds horrible, but if he thought MS was possible, he could have asked you to get an MRI of  your brain and neck.  How about getting a second opinion?
  • mlhwils514
    Capitolcarol, thank you for the reply! and sorry for the confusion....yes, he did a neuro exam on me checking reflexes and such. That along with past MRI and recent episode of ON he diagnosed me with MS. He is referring me to an Endocronologist for her to check out my high TSH level. He wants to make sure my thyroid is working properly. It is something seperate from the MS.  I am scheduled for another MRI on Tuesday.
  • gabrielle519
    I had low vitamin D but never had my TSH level checked. I actually take a vitamin D supplement. Thanks Gabrielle