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  • mlhwils514
    Was anyone else in denial when they were first diagnosed?
  • april9517
    I wouldn't say I was in denial when I was first diagnosed (1 year ago in March). It seemed very surreal but I had been in and out of doctor since i was a child being ignored about my symptoms that I felt almost relieved to know I wasn't crazy. However, a few weeks after and still every now and then, I get in denial, mostly when treatments arent working or side effects are awful or I have to fight with my insurance non-stop. A lot of silly thoughts like "maybe there was just a smudge on my scans and I dont have MS". Its a continuing battle to accept, i still meet people who have had it for eover 30 years that still go through phases of denial. 
  • cinwells
    I was diagnosed about 10 days ago with PPMS.  as a physical therapist who can no longer work, I still hope they are wrong..
  • capitolcarol
    Absolutely!  I think everybody was in denial, some for a very long time, it just didn't seem possible!
  • gabrielle519

    Denial is one of the stages of grief and although maybe you haven't lost anyone you have lost your health in a way. So yes I had periods of denial. Thanks Gabrielle