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  • corinney
    Has anyone else been diagnosed as having both Lyme AND MS? 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I can't find any information on precisely this online. For an article referencing this topic: Click here. I was diagnosed last year with MS in late July, following 2 MRI's (brain MRI uncovered lots of MS lesions, a c-spine MRI revealed cervical spinal stenosis) and a spinal tap (which showed lots of protein  'o' bands). Also bloodwork was done prior to the spinal tap and one of the blood tests was to rule out Lymes, which it did. I am guessing someone with MS could aquire Lymes but I am unsure if tests could be done to determine if someone has both. Since I can't find an article on this, I assume there's been no cases in regards to this so that may mean the bloodwork to rule out Lymes vs MS does work. That's what I have concluded at this point but I'm far from an expert.
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  • corinney
    Thanks for your reply! I have been diagnosed with both, oddly enough. With a positive IGenex Lyme test and then with MS (lesions, spinal fluid, clinical, optic neuritis, etc...) There are some articles on PubMed regarding Lyme and MS together but you are correct, there isn't much out there. I'm having trouble finding current information. There seems to be a couple of people with old postings regarding having both but nothing current.
    There's got to be others out there! Again, thank you for your reply! :) Community is everything.