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  • shyla_dejong
    My husband started having symptoms 9 days ago, diagnosed 7 days ago and went through 5 days of IV steroids. His symptoms keep spreading??? Dr doesn’t know why they haven’t stopped spreading and ordered more MRI’s for tomorrow. Any ideas? We know it will take time for symptoms to go away but we can’t get them to stop spreading! Feeling devistated!
  • maria1
    shyla..., the exaserbation has to run its course. The 'attack' is a sharp assault on the body and like any illness it does not disappear overnight. And the steroids are also having an affect, cramming more fluid into the veins is not a comfortable feeling, while the steroids seep into every cell. Deep breathing exercises and plenty of water will bring oxygen to rebuild the body. Two of the most important habits we ought use daily. And you too, plenty of water. Keeping relaxed muscles help the oxygen reach and rebuild all the damage. If you read the post a perfect storm you will get an idea of how much has to be rebuilt. Impatience is not a tool we have, a slow restarting of the engine is usually what happens. Your spouse now must meet the new challenges going on inside him. It will and does get better.
  • april9517
    When I first got diagnosed I was in the hospital for 4 days with a 3 day high dose 2x a day solumedrol treatment, it took away those symptoms fairly quickly, however a week later I ended up getting another flare and then had to do 5 days Solumedrol. On top of the MS symptoms the Solumedrols effect on my body was awful, worse than the flare up itself. i could barely walk and my pulse was either in the 40s or in the 180s. The stress I was under when getting diagnosed and worrying about work, and my future and my frustration that they didn't catch this earlier could have cause a flare and my first neurologist actually kept me out of work to try to get me to relax (only made me more stressed). Stress has a giant effect on the body espescially those with MS. What kind of symptoms is he having? How do you know it is spreading? The MRIS will show whether or not they are active still. Are you seeing a neurologist or MS specialist? When I was diagnosed it was an internal med doctor in the hospital and they couldn't tell me anything about it. MS specialist are able to answer your questions, even more so than a general neurologist as well. I hope you find some answers! Good luck!