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  • sydney8687
    well, today I went to see the neurologist and he said with all of my symptoms and the mri of my brain he ordered a MRI of my spine for tomorrow and if that also has spots he feels comfortable enough to diagnose me and we can start treatment ASAP!!! I am so happy. 

    BUT!!! He also said if I don’t have any on my spine then I would need to go to a ms specialist to get the spinal tap and all of that. He also said that 3 spots on my brain are not active but I had one new spot. But he still needs something on my spine? This I do not understand. I just hope I can be diagnosed to finally get help for this. I want some of my life back!!! But extremely happy.
  • gabrielle519

    I am so happy you are getting the answers you need to make you happy.

    MS is a hard disease to diagnose since there can be so many symptoms and not one test like a blood test that can say yes you have MS. They rule out everything else. This makes it challenging. I was diagnosed because I had very basic MS symptoms without the MRI of my spine. Then when they did the MRI of my spine it was pretty bad because the medication I was on wasn't working. It's good to have a baseline. I know it's annoying because you have to go through all of this but it's good that your neuro is taking all the steps to be sure its MS before he  diagnoses.