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  • lizzybell
    I have had 2 different opinions on the MS dx. this what my last MRI said. multiple subcortical white matter signal abnormalities in supratentorial brain.... about 20 spots, First MRI stated about 11 spots. But from what I am reading unless they are in cerebellum or parietal area, that they are not consistant with MS. isought another oppion because my symptoms were increasing.  i cannot find any info on these type of spots on my MRI... My firsr neurologist DX with MS he said it didnt matter where the lesions were. he used the MRI and my symptoms. New guy says where  the lesions are not consistant with ms,... its been 2 1/2 years with the doctors going back and forth. i have been on 3 DMD's and just got mad with the confusion ans stopped taking the Gilenya. 3 mos later having another episode...... please advise
  • maria1
    hi liz, if you google supratentorial brain and then cubcortical white matter you will get a good idea of what is going on. I find google to be a more informative search engine than the others. Then ask the doctor you trust the msot to help you understand the differences. I can not advise you about a diagnosis just about a way to get better answers. go google, giggle.
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Your latest MRI's findings does not rule out MS. Does your neurologist specialize in MS? If he doesn't it may benefit you to see one who does. I also notice you didn't mention anyone requesting you to have spinal tap. That was the final procedure I had done that clarified for my neurologist for sure that I had MS. If protein 'o' bands are discovered in the spinal tap results along with certain kinds of lesions on the brain, those two together would likely indictate for certain MS. I'm by no means an expert but this is what I have concluded. I wanted to post for you a link on a guide to the brain and MRI's that may be helpful to you, to read, click here:  Click Here. Here also is a link of criteria/ guidelines for MS diagnosis to review, to read it Click Here. Also, so you know, the members of this site are always here for you.
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  • gabrielle519

    I understand it can be frustrating. I have never heard that lesions have to be in a part of the brain to be considered MS. My disease is mainly in my spinal cord. My understanding of MS that it is when the immune system and fighter cells attack the protective surrounding around the nerves. I know people who have it primarily in there brain or primarily in spinal cord. I would try to find a MS specialist near you to help you get a diagnosis and get on the right treatment. Have a great day. Gabrielle
  • capitolcarol
    I have it on my brain and spinal cord.  But absolutely, a MS neurologist is the best to deal with our MS
  • jennifer_m
    Much like the other people that have commented, I would seek out a neurologist that specializes in MS.  It took me going through 3 doctors (a g.p., a podiatrist for my numbed feet, and a "neurologist") to get a conclusion of "I don't know what's wrong with you."  It took a massive relapse and the e.r. doctors in my hometown to concede that they didn't know how best to treat what the MRI was indicating, so I got transferred to a hospital 40 miles away where they had several neurologists on staff that specialize in MS.  I found an awesome doctor who wanted to hear MY side of my symptom story, then he said "O.K., how do you want to proceed?"  There is nothing wrong in fighting fiercely for your health.  That's how you get the treatment you need and an attack plan if it is indeed MS.  If it's anything else, well then you still fight.  Just about everyone on this chat site has been through their share of frustration, anger, feeling despondent, hopeless, fill in the blanks.  The great part, though: we've got your six, regardless of what happens, and there's a doctor out there that is ready to listen and help you fight the good fight.  Good luck, and may the Good Lord help you find the answers you seek.