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  • yemon
    hello . I am a 41 yr old female . With a history of anxiety disorder but otherwise have always been healthy . Past 3 years after I have my son in 2016 gained weight and am now 60 pounds overweight . So in past 3 years have had a few ailments I contributed to age , weight or anxiety .. like : back pain and or legs getting fatigued easily just going up a few stairs - I thought because of my weight and out of shape . Some small dark floaters in my vision dr didn’t seem concerned about . Past 6 months eyes a little blurry mostly in mornings and eye dr said eyes looked good just age .. then recently past 2 weeks started getting an eye switch and some weird interval “ buzzing : vibration or whatever you call it , couple seconds at a time in my back shoulder , chest and rib area , and a slight vibrating feeling in my front shoulder area going down my arms into my hands .. and I went to Today to neurologist whom said my in office exam was normal ,  it sending me for mri of brain / cervical and spine to check ms Aming other things and I am terrified . I am really sad and scared . I am a single mom if a two year old and he needs me around . I don’t want to die and or be completely incapacitated.. someone help ? Thoughts ? 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi yemon,

    This is Steve with the National MS Society.  

      I'm so glad you found this site.  I wanted to provide you some information about MS and about the diagnosis process to help you feel more prepared for a your next appointment with your neurologist.  I also wanted to let you know that MS is not considered a fatal disease and that a diagnosis of MS doesn't mean you should expect to become incapacitated.  

     I have included 2 links below which I hope you will find helpful. The first link will take you to information about the diagnosis process.  The second will take you to information for someone with a potential diagnosis of MS.

    I want to wish you the best of luck and encourage you to contact us should you have any further questions.  I have included an additional link below which will provide information on the various ways you can connect with the National MS Society. 

    Take care,

  • dkknj
    Hi yemon,
       MS testing via MRIs is a great addition to a doctor’s tool chest.  It’s highly accurate and easy on the patient.  I’m 64, and we didn’t have MIs when I first had symptoms. We also didn’t have the MS medications we have now.
       My MS was diagnosed at age 32, and I was able to work until age 46.  Then I went on disability retirement.
       There are no guarantees, but it’s likely with the MS medications and early diagnosis that you’ll be able to keep MS from having a major impact on your life like it did on mine.
  • capitolcarol
    yemon - Having MRIs is not difficult, it's just loud.  I experienced symptoms that came and went when I was  in my 20s.  It was frustrating when things became difficult to do.  I would go to doctors and was told that I had all kinds of diseases.  I guess I was in my 50s when I was finally referred to a neurologist, who found  nothing wrong.  I still was experiencing symptoms and finally went to a MS neurologist.  He could tell something was wrong with me when he looked at me and made me walk.  I was supposed to get several MRIs.  I met back with him for the results.  He said I had secondary progressive MS.   I screamed and cried.  I was 61 when I was told I had MS and was started on Tysabri infusions.  It turns out that I have had MS since I was in my 20s, my mother died and took the secret (that MS was in the family) to her grave knowing that she had nieces that had MS, with some of them in wheelchairs.  You and your child will be okay, you just have to find and learn what your new "normal" is.  Be sure to stay in touch.
  • Chris-support-for-people-living-with-ms
    Hi Yemen. Even if it is ms, you can still live a long and happy life with your family. I know that doesn't make this any easier, or any less scary, wanted to send much hope your way. Your two year old is very lucky to have such a great Mom in his life and throughout his life. MRI's are not bad at all, like dkknj said, a bit noisy, but not bad. Don't hold in your fear and sadness, let your family be there for you, like you want to be, so much for them. Please let us know what you find out, even if it's not ms. You have hope, faith and support with us, here.