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  • mohjo69
    Anyone out there who has been diagnosed with MS have Auditory Hallucinations?
    Meaning hear voices  / sounds / music in their head like it is playing, but it's not in reality?

    I read 1 case of a 54 year old woman who heard music in her head .
    Many do not say anything because it is embarrassing and I can completely understand that, but I have had auditory hallucinations in the form of hearing songs in my head ( not 1 that gets stuck in there).  Out of nowhere a part of a song will pop into my head and it will replay constantly. I have to 'force' it out by focusing my attention on other thoughts or tasks.  Sometimes it doesn't work. and it is quite annoying at times.  It becomes even worse when I have a migraine ( which on average is 1 every other day ) . 
  • maria1
    For years I woke because I heard the radio on somewhere. I was living alone at the time. I thought the neighbors were listening to the music in the middle of the night. I would get out of bed and approach the common wall to hear nothing! It did go away eventually.

    My opinion, it is like every other nerve induced symptom of ms, it lasts as long as it drives you crazy, then when you are completely nuts it disappears, giggle.