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  • akki07

    Hi All, first I want to say thank you for taking out time to read and reply. I am not taht good at english, sorry if I am not able to expalin it properly, I will try my best.

    So my initial sysmtoms started way back in 2015, tingling, numbness in hands and feet, dificulty walking. I have constant pain in my neck too. So I had Brain, Spine lower and upper MRI and eveyrthing was normal other then liitle disc buldge in lower spine, my sysmtoms have been on and off sicne 2015 (IN 2015 I consulted 2-3 neuro and everyone said teh same thing). For couple of months I was compeltely normal but then  the symptoms started again. So recently I was normal for a while, but now I have right leg weekness and right leg muscle atrophy (recently started after the leg weekness), I went to my neuro for right leg weekenss but at taht point I did not see leg antrophy myslef so did not mentioned to him (may be it was there but I did not paid attention), he did physical exam and said he does not thinks MS/ALS, he did a brain MRI today as I was having some vision issues, but the brain MRI was normal, I did go to the eye doctor too (couple of months back) for same issues and he did bunch on test and those where normal too. 

    Today I went to my Chiropractor, he looked at the leg (I mentioned it to him taht left and right leg are different muscle tone), after cehcking he asked if my neuro is checking me for MS, I said they are doing bunch of MRI and I asked him what he thinks and he said it can be MS and taht made me scared. I called  my neuro to tell him waht the chiro said and left a msg with the nurse, I got a reply saying the brain MRI was compeltely normal and not to worry about MS. I than told the nurse to give the dcotor the message that I have leg antrophy and what does he thinks. I have not received a reply yet.

    I have C-spine MRI scheduled fro Monday 07/01 and NCV in August with my neuro and depending on the NCV he will do the Lumbar MRI  (he might do it now anywauys since I have leg antrophy). Just to mention the neuro I am seeing is listed on this website too for doctors for MS

    I am very scared and not know what to do. Please help, if all the MRI are nomal can someoen still has MS?

  • maria1
    Sometimes even an lumbar puncture does not show a positive for ms. Maybe it will take time for you to figure out what is wrong, so prepare yourself for doing the research, at least you have the web to find some answers or leads of which way to go. google is a better source for information than the other search engines, they use to be perfect but time has made them more mercenary. It is good you have found a doctor for ms and not just an general neurologist.

    For some of us it has taken years to get answers. I always knew there was something wrong with me but that did not stop me from doing what I wanted to do. Enjoy what you are able to do right now. And live for the right now, we never know what will happen tomorrow, it is always a surprise, sometimes one we dont like too. Think about what you need to take really good care of yourself as best as you can and the rest will work itself out. Focus on what you are able to do.
  • maria1
    For sure I am not trying to make lite of your circumstances. Stress and worry are best friends with ms, they make living with ms most difficult, they put pressure on the nerves that make them act wildly, sending messages to every nerve to do strange things. So if you want to be miserable, worry and stress every day. or do your best to keep calm. ms is just another of life's challenges, or any chronic illness.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there.  Our Diagnosing MS webpage may answer some of your questions:

    Lesions on MRI are not required to confirm a diagnosis of MS, but getting an MRI and being able to see lesions that look like those in MS is typically part of the process.  It can help a neurologist feel more confident in the diagnosis.  This quote from the above page gives more detail:  "In many instances, medical history and neurologic exam provide enough evidence to meet the diagnostic criteria. Other tests are used to confirm the diagnosis or to identify other possible causes of the symptoms or neurological exam findings."