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  • angie147
    10 months ago it became apparent that something was wrong.  I thought it was just a bug causing aches and pains until one night I had a difficult time holding things and difficulty walking up the stairs without tripping.  Over the following months I was tested for tick born illnesses, lupus, arthritis, sarcoidosis, etc.  After ruling out many things I was referred for an MRI which showed some lesions in my brain and spine.  I've been told that I likely (but not definitively) have early MS.  The doctor seems to imply that my symptoms are not textbook typical for MS so I'm wondering if other people have symptoms like mine.  I continue to have aches and pains.  They are best managed by limiting physical activity which is frustrating because I used to be very active.  The pain is often in my wrists, hands, ankles, and feet but occasional migrates to other areas.  It is most often dull aches but occasionally I get sharp pains.  My wrists get weird sensations like someone it trying to twist and bend my bones.  Pains can last from minutes to days.  My coordination issues are infrequent but there.  Sometimes I'm clumsy trying to hold on to eating utensils, writing utensils, or scissors.  Sometimes my feet feel fine yet I continue to misjudge my steps and trip.  I do have sporadic numbness in toes (usually just one or two at a time).  My hands/arms like to go tingly when I sleep on my back but this comes and goes.  My pain is not usually touch sensitive but this week my wrists have been sore to the touch and absolutely fine so long as nothing touches them.  I also realized this week that I have a difference in temperature sensation in my feet.  I tried taking a bath and to one foot the water felt hot and to the other so unbearably scalding that I pulled my foot out immediately.  I have no idea if one foot is hypersensitive or if the other is lacking sensation.  Again the frequency and intensity of symptoms is most affected by physical activity.  About the only thing I can do without increasing symptoms is leisurely walks.  I cannot use a spin bike without bringing on coordination issues and doing any kind of weight training flares my pains.  Anyone else have similar symptoms?  Does your doctors give you puzzled looks?  I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes...
  • maria1
    None of the symptoms you mention are uncommon for me, especially arms and hands. Oftentimes the neuro would look at me with 'a look' but eventually concedes that what I am saying may be ms, especially when we put me through millions of tests that come out negative, thus and therefore, what is left is ms. giggle.
  • maria1
    You may want to check if medical marijuana is legal where you are or cbd oil or hemp oil, it helps with the pain with no side effects except maybe fatigue, so take it at night.
  • j5796
    Yes I have pain all the time in my legs and back. Everytime I tell my neurologist he just looks at me and says ummm I don’t think that’s from your ms. Hahaha these doctors are crazy!!!
  • maria1
    Have you tried an over the counter pain patch with lidocaine? It may break the nerve cycle of sending pain messages.