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  • tobi14
    Ive been experiencing many symptoms over the past....but they were always passed off as stress.
    Then symptoms were passed off as Fibro...
    But recently .... something has happened that has caused me to have this incredible “flare “ ...and it’s very scary .
    The muscles spasms, tremors, cramps etc etc ...I’m used to
    but not this horrible pain in my throat.  
    I thought at first I might have have a throat infection....but I keep having spasms/contractions and then I feel like I can’t breathe and I panic.
    My Dr checked everything out .... it’s not an infection,,,,it’s the muscles in my neck.  He prescribed me a relaxant to help.
    Baclofen as well. 
    Im waiting for a Neurologist appointment......
    Feeling like I’m crazy with all these symptoms.
    Does anyone else have this ...
    How long does it last ?????
    Any advice would be appreciated 
  • jasonprestovfd
    I dont have the pain in my throat, but I do have painful muscle spasms & cramps in my legs and arms. I recently had a cramp in the side of my calf that actually pulled my foot sideways (like it would be if you were spraining your ankle). It took me awhile to get the muscle to release & the pain in my calf has lasted about 2 weeks so far but its getting better. My doctor put me on flexerol for these episodes. I only take it at night cause it knocks me out. For me these episodes happen every few month for no real reason, & go away after a week or two of taking the muscle relaxer at night. The sore muscle pain usually lasts a few weeks if it's a really bad one (like I recently had).
    I hopen this helps and you find relief soon 
  • echobird
    You can ask your Dr to refer you to pt ot for trying to get some help. 
  • Ant
    YES, I experience this frequently. I saw my neurologist who reffered me to a pulmonologist and he referred me to an ear nose throat (ENT) Dr. They say it is vocal cord dysfunction ( VCD) laryngospasm. I saw a speech pathologist for breathing techniques. I have suffered from this for years. It will cause panic attacks but understanding what is happening and how to control it is half the battle. My spasms are most likely due to MS but if I were you I would go to a pulmonologist for your breathing problems, they will rule out any other underlying health issues.