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  • cehanks24
    Hi there!

    I have not been diagnosed with MS yet but have an appointment set up with a neurologist. I just wanted to get a feel of what you guys experienced with your MS compared to the symptoms I’ve had. I do know that every persons symptoms are different. I am just going to give a break down of my symptoms below. 

    Fatigued/falling asleep while driving
    Intermittent fingers/toe/foot tingling/numbness
    Facial tingling numbness on nose, eyebrow
    Facial twitching
    Sharp/shooting pain on ear/head
    Left eye fuzzy vision that comes & goes
    Trouble finding words and thinking
    C-reactive protein blood test moderately elevated
    Intermittent stabbing pain in ankle
    Dizziness that feels like I’m being pushed down

    One episode that started out as epigastric pain/burning that radiated around to my back and down my back that resulted in a pressure feeling that made it hard to breath. It lasted @ 3 minutes. 

    All of the aboves symtproms  have been recent. Previously a few years ago I saw a neurologist and an eye doctor for the same vision issues I’m having now and facial tingling and numbness. Vision was fine and the neurologist didn’t think much of my symptoms. I’ve also experience a hot/wet feeling in my toes. I had to look down to see if I was standing in something. 

    Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated!


  • maria1
    Hi Candice, It is good you have an apt with a neuro, it is a good place to begin to sort through the symptoms. Oftentimes we who have ms have other medical issues that cloud the diagnosis. The neuro will help you sort through the symptoms and identify those that are commonly ms,

    Choosing which symptoms bother you the most is relevant, so put them in order from worst first, then you can address those right away for some relief. And then you can continue to see the million other specialists we have all seen to get our issues resolved. Lucky for me I have seen some good people, like the neurosurgeon who would not operate on my neck, and another neurosurgeon who would not operate on my knees and gave me a script for PT. And the allergist who gave me shots so I could breathe in the summer. Or the other neuro who diagnosed sleep apnea. It took a lot of years to sort through the symptoms but it is worth all the time spent looking for relief, so dont give up and dont get too annoyed, the body is so complex it surprises me how many specialists I have seen, and not all of them were jerks, giggle.