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  • a-cruz

    I'm new here. My name is Angel. Im a 26 yr old student. I've had anxiety for a long time stemming from trauma suffered from high school. In April, I had what appeared to be my first Anxiety attack. My hands were trembling and my legs where in pain and tingled when I laid down. My muscles twitched all over the place as well. The next day I went to the ER and asked if it was MS and they just simply doubted it. I asked for a spinal tap but after a few tests involving positioning my legs the ER wrote me off as Anxiety and Sciatica. It felt weird ti walk for a little bit. I felt wobbly when I stand and walking made me feel a little unsteady. Now I know I took naproxen and lorazepam, but i didnt take them for long. The weird walking and standing issue went away but my muscles still twitched once in awhile. Recently, The wobbly feeling came back amd my muscle twitching is oxcuring all over my body again. Im really scared. Is this really MS? Do I need to go to the ER again and demand a spinal tap? Or does anyone think its just my anxiety and sciatica acting out? I keep getting written off as Anxiety everytime i head back to the ER but im not convinced. Any opinions?  Thanks. Im really scared right now
  • maria1
    Hi Angel, going to the er is expensive, why not go to your primary care physician and begin there for testing to eliminate some things, sciatica - you can probably find some exercises for it on youtube, there are lidocaine patches sold over the counter at the pharmacy which can help relieve the pain temporarily.

    The pcp can begin the process of eliminating things and give you a referral to a neurologist if necessary.

    I have found the er to be useful for emergencies sometimes. They always take care of the worst first, so you could spend the whole day there and not get an answer that is satisfactory, There are also now Urgent Care facilities that are cheaper than going to an er.

    If you dont have a primary doctor ask your friends who they see and if they like them.  A board certified physician is someone who goes to school every year to keep up with the new care treatments available, they are interested in staying current with the science of medicine.

    For the panic attacks may I suggest speaking with a therapist, fear is an unnecessary response to a problem that needs attention, and it demands the energy that is otherwise needed for other things. There are hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of persons with medical issues that need attention, it is just a challenge, or problem to solve, stressing the body takes it's toll weakening an otherwise healthy constitution, ms is just a challenge, nothing more, though demanding and a pain in the butt, it takes work, that is all, time learning new things and how to cope. The more you worry and the more you stress the worse you will feel, no matter what it is that is giving you trouble.
  • a-cruz
    My PCP is always booked. I asked for MS testing dozens of times even at my PCP and they wont do it. They think I'm overreacting or that its my anxiety doing all of this. I dont know what to do. 
  • michied

    I know some people who have gotten better reception at a PCP when they request that it be written in their chart that the PCP refused x test. Maybe try that on your next visit.

    I was diagnosed with an MRI. Less invasive, painful, and expensive than a spinal tap - so that may be another avenue for you.


    Good luck.

  • maria1
    Maybe it is time to get a pcp who is less opiniated and more attentive. It is your health that you must take care of, good advice, write it in the chart, or bring someone along with you who is a witness to the discussion and ask again. Do not take no for an answer.