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  • ziggyua
    Good afternoon!

    I stumbled upon this site in researching symptoms I've been experiencing and thought I'd give it a shot in discussing with others.

    I'm a 37 YO male.  My first symptoms started in February, when one day I was watching TV and felt pressure in the left side of my chest.  I also had some shortness of breath (which admittedly might have been anxiety of what was happening) and went to the ER.  An EKG and bloodwork came back normal and they sent me on my way.  I followed up with my doctor who tried a few things over the next few months - first, using Breo - which didn't work, then a Heart Monitor, which came back normal, and finally/most recently Protonix.  A little over a week ago, I felt tingling in both legs below the knee.  I called him and he suggested stopping using of Protonix, which I had been using for about 5-6 days.  I thought maybe it was an interaction with the drug, but the tingling has persisted.  It's been better/worse at times, and there was one day recently where I felt a persistent burning sensation for about 24 hours.  That faded, and now I'm left with mild tingling below the knee (mostly feet now) that seems much worse at night when I go to bed and when I first wake up.  I have occasional mild back pain, but that could also be just getting old.  I have experienced no weakness anywhere to this point - my family doctor did a test of my strength and reflexes and everything was normal.  I've also walked with no issues, even playing softball last week (I felt it in my feet during play, but I could still hit/run/field).  

    I scheduled a neurologist appointment, which is about 2 weeks from now, but it's been a struggle as I search for answers and probably do way too much Google/WebMD.  My anxiety with MS comes from my mother, who was diagnosed with a progressive form of MS over 20 years ago.  

    Do these symptoms I'm experiencing sound like potential MS?  And if it is, is it likely mine will be progressive as my mother's were?

    Thank you to anyone who can provide feedback/thoughts!  
  • maria1
    Hi ziggy, there is something going on but there are so many choices of which way to turn, problems with the knees, problems with the back etc.

    Since your mom was diagnosed with ms over twenty years ago, it is good you are having that checked. Twenty years ago, there was only one medication to treat ms, now there are infusions, shots and pills, and before that, there was nothing. If it is ms, you are very familiar with what it looks like and the strength your mom used to overcome its challenges. ms is different for everyone, no two cases are the same.

    What you can do for yourself now is to check your lifestyle to re=evaluate how you are caring for yourself. Do you smoke? If you do, notice how you feel before and after smoking. What reactions your body has to different foods, some foods make you tired after eating?

    The type of body fuel we injest has a big effect on our well being more than anything else, we are what we eat, and now with all the hoopla about plastics we are beginning  to re-think about the long term effects on plastics that have leeched into our systems, with all the plastic bottles we carry for our water that we need.

    Rest - sleep is necessary for our bodies to rebuild themselves, four hours a night is not enough.

    Lifestyle changes are the best tool for a better life, even if it is ms. You are not your mother and you life is so unlike hers. My mother had breast cancer as did her mother, but they burned coal and wood and had lead in every room, so, maybe I will and maybe I wont get breast cancer.
  • ziggyua
    Thank you for your reply.  My main symptoms that have persisted are soreness/burning sensation in my feet.  Gets better/worse at times but usually at it's worst in the mornings and at night.  I don't smoke and actually worked to lose weight and get in better shape, so this has been frustrating.  I haven't experienced any weakness/numbness/balance issues to this point, so maybe it's something else going on?