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  • jules1290
    Hi all. So I have a lengthy post and am trying to piece together my symptoms. Anyome who gets till the end I thank you greatly!

    So basically, everything started in high school for me around 15/16 or so. I am 28 now. Came home form a vacation with my parents in Arizona and was eating in the kitchen and I felt my pinky go pins andneedly then numb. Tried to shake it out but nothing happened. I went to sleep shortly after and when I awoke my entire right side was numb. Hand, foot, leg, everything. I could see, hear, walk and use my hand so I figured I had slept on it wrong. Feeling didn't go away. I didn't say anything to my parents because I just figured the feeling would pass. About a week or so later I was practicing on my soccer team before school started and we stopped in a circle (I was and always have been very athletic, no health problems to speak of) and as we were standing in a circle (it was VERY hot that day) I got overwhelmed with dizziness and started seeing spots. I wanted to grab something to stabilize myself but there wasn't anything so I passed out. Not from heat or anything, my friend told me literally the second I hit the ground I opened my eyes, I wasn't even out for 5 seconds. Everyone assumed it was from the heat (although I've done sports all my life outside and never had this problem from heat. I always stay well hydrated too). I went home and was totally fine the rest of the day aside from being embarrassed. 

    I had another incident the next time it was hot the next summer where the one side of my face went numb. I remember telling my mom it felt like someones hand was on my face. She laughed about it and offered to take me to the ER, but I saw no reason to because I cold talk, walk, eat. There was nothing emergent about the situation. 

    All through the next few years, I had issues with feeling exhausted. I wasn't depressed, I loved family, friends, my boyfriend, but I felt like after completing a task I would just want to flop on the bed. Not like being tired, I wouldn't fall asleep or want to take a nap, it was like I was worn out from simple tasks. I also had issues processing things. I almost wondered if I had a learning disorder or ADHD or something. I had always been in gifted and talented classes in elementary and middle school and never had issues staying focused, but as I got older when someone would explain something to me (like do this this way) I literally understood their words but then somehow in actually acting it out, I couldn't do it correctly. Like there was a missing link in actually acting out the info I was given. 

    I also had many instances where I would have odd sensations (like patches of numbness) but also lots of dizziness. I never again passed out like I did at soccer practice, but I felt like I could if I didn't grab onto something or stop whatever I was doing. Also had random bouts of being nauseous, but never led to throwing up or anything. The thing that persisted consistently even in the absence of physical issues was the cognitive lapses and easy fatigue and just general non motivation to do things which is never how I used to be. I even had to stop college for some time because I literally just could not stay focused on paying attention. I would also forget tiny minute things that I never used to. 

    Recently, I have noticed myself being especially bothered my heat, as well as my muscles . I have also had weird shooting pains in my head (not a headache, these are things that literally seem to last 30 seconds) and then pass. My eyes also have more floaters in them (I do NOT wear glasses and I have had my eyes checked by eye doctors, I can read on the 20/20 line backwards) and will go blurry at times. I also have a few days here and there over the years where my eyes hurt to move them, or one more than the other...sometimes they'll be a bit red but not usually, just pain upon movement, and my vision will get somewhat fuzzy, like there is a film over my eye, but I have never lost vision ever in either eye. 

    Just wondering what everyone thinks. I am waiting to see a good neuro who had quite a wait (November is when I'm going) but I'm just curious to get everyone's opinions here who had been diagnosed officially. I have had all thyroid bloodwork, vitamins, diabetes testing, live and kidney functions come back normal. Thank you for reading if you did! 
  • maria1
    Well jules, we are versed with our individual symptoms but not medicine in general and we can relate to many of the symptoms you mention, but that does not mean much. What is important is that you are not ignoring all the issues you mention. I new something was wrong with me when I was 16 but wrote it all off to imagination, never mentioned it to anyone and ignored it for years as silliness of my mind, never heard of ms nor what it was, but that was long ago when tv was a blurred screen and only had amusements not education. What ever is going on with you you have begun to search for answers, that is significant, you are on your way to meeting the challenge, what ever it is, and that is what counts.

    As long as you continue to search for answers you are on your way to a wellness that ignorance can not achieve. The more knowledge you acquire the better you will feel.

    We would never commit to diagnosing but we would support your journey in every way possible, even if it is not ms, you are welcome to share your experiences with us as every share supports our growth. best wishes  for answers sooner rather than later. maria
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Sorry to hear about your complications, Ms is a very different experience for everyone so it makes it tricky to diagnose. Feel free to take a look over my profile, I give a pretty detailed account of my past/ current symptoms. I was also like you in that I'd write off symptoms left & right. It took my waking up in mid May of 2017 with speech slurring issues & numbness on my right lower jaw to get me to see my primary doctor who sent me for a brain MRI & said to seek a neurologist appiontment. After a brain MRI, c-spine MRI, blood work and a spinal tap, by late July 2017, I had my diagnosis of Ms & my neurologist said he suspects due to the amount of lesions and my spinal tap results, that I've had Ms for sometime. I believe your symptoms could be Ms, but I say this with caution because so may other disorders can mimic Ms *Lymes disease for example*. Keep in mind only a neurologist of course can diagnose you. I think this site is a great place to start your diagnosis journey, we are all here as one giant support symstem - here you're never alone.
    Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant? - Henry David Thoreau
  • jasonprestovfd
    my first hint was blury vision in my left eye.  It took me a year of never ending doctor visits to get my diagnosis of MS. During that year I realize the connection between being over heated & symptoms getting worse but didn't know why. I finally got an appointment with a neurologist (3 month wait) and had my first major attack.  It started with a numb pinky finger in left hand and by the end of the week I had no feeling in either arm from my shoulders to my finger tips,  and no feeling in my legs from my hips to my toes (I even smashed one of my big toenails off my foot and never felt a thing). After my diagnosis I learned about the connection between heat and MS symptoms and heat. For me this all started in 2010 and I got my diagnosis is 2011. Heat and MS don't play well together. Good luck and always try to be ready for the unexpected numbness and unpredictable face plant to the ground or floor.  There are alot of us that MS is knocking down, it's up to us to get up every time and stand tall and brace for the next time. I encourage you to stand tall and just find a way to get thru. Hopefully the neurologist says its not MS. But if that's what it is you need to know you are not alone, we are with you!
    as far as the symptoms that people can see, don't worry about what they think there are people who completely understand...
    One step at a time, 
    slow and steady 
    Slower and shaky is ok too...
    Just go at your own pace, it's not a sprint it's a life long marathon. 
    good luck and keep us posted