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  • cynburris
    After a few years of living with "invisible" symptoms, finally, I have a diagnosis.  Honestly, they could have made something up and called it terminal chicken pox or something, and I'd have been glad just to know what it is.  Month after month of feeling like people just think I'm a hypocondriac or attention whore....pill get the picture.  The tripping while standing still, memory loss, those nagging, random nerve pains, vision loss, and the list goes on.  I have a whole new respect for people that have to endure so much leading up to the actual diagnosis.  It's frustrating and exhausting.  What a journey!  For me personally, I feel relieved to know.  I feel like I can move forward now, and I hope the same for all of you.  <3
  • MS_Navigators

    I know I mentioned it on your other comment, but do feel free to give us a call if you'd like to chat.  1 800 344 4867.

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • maria1
    I agree cynburris, ignorance is not bliss. It is good to have an answer to all the nagging questions, though the answer is not what we wanted to hear.
  • jasonprestovfd
    I am glad you now know what the cause of the issues is. But I hafta say I'm sorry to hear that it is MS. 
    now that you have a diagnosis, its time to learn as much about MS as you can. My advice for you is to expect the unexpected, MS is a tough appointment but I encourage you to fight it all the way. If you have questions or need advice we are here. When you have something new happening and its unsettling ask about it. Someone on this page has been there and can probably offer guidance and advice. 
  • ErinNicole
    Hey girl! I love your outlook. When I was first diagnosed I spent about 2 weeks in a stupor. But this what I can tell. This diagnosis has been a blessing 

    I mean this disease is NOT but the diagnosis is. 

    Now you know what you’re up against and there are so many tools at your disposal 

  • RRMother
    Hi ErinNicole - Just wanted to say that you have stated this brilliantly - the diagnosis is a blessing, the disease is not but the diagnosis is. YES! I have been in limbo for years, waiting for a proper diagnosis. I don't WANT MS, I just want a real and reasonable answer to why my body is flipping out on me!!!
  • purpleocto
    Hi cynburris,

    I was just diagnosed a week ago after almost a year of trying to find out what was causing my symptoms. So I agree with you about feeling relivied. Not that I have MS, but that I know what's happening to me and I can take steps to fight it.