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  • momneedsanap

    Hi all. 

    I recently went to my PCP who ran a battery of blood tests that came up negative. This included Lyme, thyroid, deficiency for b12, mag  and d,  plus a bunch of tests for RA, lupus and other AI diseases. 

    The CRP was slightly elevated but I’m told it’s non specific. 

    So my next step is to see a neuro. 

    Some of my symptoms: 

    -Occasional Tremor in right fingers/hand 

    -Neuropathy in legs and feet (stinging, bug crawling, one time I thought my leg was wet). 

    burning sensation in lower legs abs arms especially at night 

    Reduced tolerance to exercise especially in legs 

    Heat intolerance 


    Ringing ears 

    Eye twitching 


    brain fog , irritability, and mild depression 

    I also get what I think can be described at the MS hug but I had a tummy tuck  for severe diastasis recti 3 years ago so the occasional tighteness I feel in my upper abdomen may be that. 

    Just wondering what thoughts were and what I should expect at appointment.  


  • maria1
    Well mom... what you can expect is more testing with perhaps referrals to other specialists to eliminate a list of things we never thought of. Now a days, specialists are so specific they are versed in body parts to the point that they begin to look like them, giggle. just me making light of everything. What you ought to pay attention to is the doc, listening, hearing, paying attention, do you trust this person, are you getting feedback? Being a good patient is a skill we all must learn, not to be intimitated, to make sure we get our moneys worth, we are paying for information but sometimes we are so overwhelmed we forget to advocate for ourselves. If possible, dont go alone, someone else with you to ask other questions, thiings they want to know and things they see. You are not feeling well so someone with you will help clear some ofthe fog. best wishes.