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  • khali20
    Has anyone permanently loss vision in one eye or both eyes from having MS? My daughter is experiencing this now and it’s been 9 months already.
  • maria1
    khali20, Depending upon how strong the attack was, or how severe, it will take time, for me it was years before I was comfortable and my vision improved gradually.  The trauma the body has gone through with an exacerbation is not always obvious, it is mostly inside for some of us, so we look SOOOO good, but the body has been put through the ringer and it takes time for the brain to sort through all the data and find the best route to repair all the connections. And, how long it takes for her to adapt will also have a bearing, loss even temporary and we seldom think it is temporary, is hard to accept for all humans, living with ms is learning how to be calm through a crisis a minute, always something new and always something different, and if you give in to feeling sorry for her it will be much worse, show her your support and trust that she will live up to the challenge(s), give her the opportunity to show her strengths and she will overcome those things she thinks are her weaknesses.
  • dmoli01
    Back in 2003 (my first relapse since starting Avonex back in 1997), I had a bout of optic neuritis in my right eye.  I had just starting working on my master's degree while working full time, and I didn't "have time to go in for steriod txs" (bad patient) so I pushed through and hoped my Avonex would lessen the relapse.

    Today, as I'm now in my mid-50's and getting my first pair of bi-focal glasses, my vision seems to be impacted more from a "slight smudge" in my vision (when eye rx was -2.0's) now I'm much more myopic (near sighted) and my eye rx is now in the -6.0's).  It seems as my vision is corrected (making things larger) "smudge" or "blind spot" larger too.Hope this helps.

    BTW, I just celebrated my 25th year MS dx anniversary.  With my small vision impairment in my right eye, fatigue and cog fog, I still "look so good."  Twenty two years and still going with Avonex.  Back when I was dx, there weren't any treatments.

    Today, we have many more options to deal with this MonSter.  Progress! :)
  • jasonprestovfd
    Congrats sir,
    I was only on Avanox for 4 1/2 yeare before it stopped being affective. I've been on tysabri since (about 4 1/2 years). I hoping tysabri keeps working for me 
  • jasonprestovfd
    I had blurry vision in my left eye & loss of depth perception when my MS started. It went away after starting treatment but it took about 6 months of treatment. So about 1 1/2 years it went away. It does comp back every once in a while but when it does it only lasts a few days or a week or two. 
    I hope it gets better for your daughter soon