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  • beachmom5

    I see neurologist end of January. This test was actually ordered by dentist due to me having been discussing years of face pain, felt like teeth traveling up by eye and side of nose  ( it's not I have had several dentusts and endontists check me, never find any dental issue). I then was telling her how I get migraines. Anyway I had brain mri no contrast .It says multiple hyperintensities of T2 flare in a couple of areas of brain. Rest of brain says unremarkable. So when I looked it up I see that this can possibly mean MS. Now The interesting thing is for the last about 10 years I've asked my primary doctor a couple of times is it possible I have MS due to symptoms I had and when I would Google them I would get a mess coming up. The first time I asked my doctor he said you do not have MS you should see my MS patients they come in they are a mess you don't do the treadmill in the morning like you did and then walk in here and think that you have MS. The second time I asked maybe a couple of years later again about could I have MS based on symptoms he said basically every time you come in here you always have a problem of some sort. have you considered maybe you need an anti-depressant .
    after that I gave up. I just turned 50. It's true I'm fit. I used to be a trainer. I still exercise several days a week though I don't run any longer. I definitely don't look sick. I have three kids who kept me non stop busy too, But I don't feel great often. It comes in waves. It acts up more if I'm sick with say a cold.  I notice more, then it can be months feeling good. I'll just lay out what I feel, this is all stuff I have told doc over last 6-9 years. I'll mark current or if not marked it means get it don't have over last month or so 
    numb toes both sides now( one each side)current 
    numb pinky, left current 
    numb ring finger Left current
    feeling of tingling or cold left hand on and off current 
    much less coordinated left hand current 
    Face pain left side by upper teeth ,under eye, over eye on and off current 
    toght squeeze stomach like someone bear hugging you. on and off for months. Haven't had in couple years.
    left knee on and off tightens up then hard to straighten it, knee mri normal, 
    feeling things like drop of water on head, other day I walk outside feel it but it's not raining. Nothing there. Get random things like that. Not often, very fleeting.
    very off balance with eyes closed. I try walk in straight line can't at all. Eyes open I'm fine.
    migraines, 2-3 a month
    im gluten free, negative celiac but I swear when I go back on it within few days I feel terrible like slow, tired in a scary way, like drugged feel. Off it I feel very good
    fatique  I am tired a lot, but with three kids I'm not able to rest, I want to but can't. 

    im sure there's more but what do you all think. Can I be diagnosed at 50? Have I possibly had it for years? What else can it be . Thanks 



  • MS_Navigators

    Hi beachmom5,

    Only a neurologist can answer this for you- if you're interested in seeking a doctor for another opinion who has some experience with MS, you can find referrals here: 

    Find Doctors and Resources

    MS cannot be diagnosed based on symptoms alone, the diagnostic criteria requires for clinical evidence to be found, in a few different ways.  I hope you get the answers you're looking for!  To address your question about age, the most typical age range for diagnosis is 20-50.



  • beachmom5
    Thank you!!
  • jyarborough
    Sure you can be diagnosed at any age. I was 54 when diagnosed. Yes you can have had thsi for  along time before being diagnosed. As was already said only  Dr. can make the official diagnosis and for some people this takes time. 

  • dkw
    Sry John;
    Looks like a rough night. I wish you only the best.