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  • flipflopgirl

    I'm 65 yrs old and had my first brain MRI last week. My Neurologist had already diagnosed me with MS since my small fiber biopsy was negative. It showed one dark lesion and multiple White matter lesions.

    I've had vertigo since 1992 following a car accident. At that time I developed double vision and daily nausea. I first saw my ENT. He sent me to an Otolaryngologist at Vanderbilt who diagnosed me with Central Benign Postional Vertigo. I was then sent to Barns University in Saint Louis, Missouri. All 3 concurred with the CBPV. But my nystagmus was A typical for CBPV.  I'm wonder now if the car accident triggered the MS? Is that even possible? I started having balance issues right after the accident and it has only gotten worse over the years. The  numbness in my toes and feet started in the late 1990's early  2000's as best I can remember. I was first diagnosed with sensory neuropathy around 2002. The EMG was negative for peripheral neuropathy. I started using a cane about 12 years ago then a Rollator and now I have a scooter. Partly due to my IVDS, Arthritis, and Radiculopathy. I'm now waiting for my service dog training class to start. I'm anxious to meet my new companion. Since I live alone it will be nice to have a dog in my life again. 

    In 2013 I went on SSDI and had to close my two businesses. I was a Certified Dog Trainer and I had a Home Style Boarding Facility in my home. I miss them both very much. 


  • echobird
    I'm sorry about them getting it wrong. It sounds like you've probably have had it a long time. And yes there's been talk about key stressors like accidents or trauma or infections causing MS to start acting up.
  • flipflopgirl
    Thank you for clearing that up for me. You may be correct. I've been going to neurologists for almost 20 years yet none of them ever mentioned having a skin biopsy done or MS until Oct. of last year. I may finally have the correct diagnosis.