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The MS Community Page on Facebook *

Okay folks, I have been visiting the new page on facebook. It is an active page with plenty of newly diagnosed persons sharing their experiences and asking questions. The difference with this connection page and the facebook page is the ability to instantly dialogue as we have wanted, the ability to quickly… Read More

Marijuana and MS *

Hello, My wife was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago and it has been very tough on her. She continues to work and is a great mother and wife, but I think she has an addiction problem. Shortly after the diagnosis she began smoking marijuana to alleviate the pain and issues that go along with MS. I did not like it,… Read More

for golgotha *

After reading you post i have thought about what has served me in my lifetime, not just living with ms. Being a neglected child has its advantages. Not being taught fear! Facing every issue with forming my own impressions and lessons. I must say, I have learned many things the hard way. Learning how to think… Read More

Want to keep my dream *

I'm newly diagnosed with MS. I found out last month on the 31st. I luv raising rabbits and guinea pigs I've been doing this for 4 yrs now. I want to be a farmer and am afraid I will have to change my dreams now because of this MS and I really don't want to change this dream. My animals are my world and I luv… Read More


I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in dealing with too much stimuli.  It's a "mental block" or being silly.  After having her falsetto-mimic my request for being… Read More

Covid-19! Should i go to work??*

Hi everyone, i live in nyc where is the casses of coronavirus is increasing everyday, i work as a pharmacy technicians, as any patient with multiple sclerosis , i may  have a high risk of contracting cova_19 because of the ms modifying treatment . do you think that i should stay home and not go to work ?? Read More


Hi everyone- I'm Dorothy and I have relapsing/remitting MS. In the fall of 2010 I suffered three attacks of severe optic neuritis which permanently damaged my vision, plus I have extreme fatigue which makes much physical activity difficult. One of my favorite hobbies is the massively multiplayer online… Read More

Best climates *

Hi community I am a 41 year old male with MS. I have a wife and two small kids and we live in Montreal.   While I am in relatively good health, the winters here can be debilitating and force me to take additional pain meds and limits my outside activity.  My wife and I are thinking of relocating to a place… Read More

Moral support needed.....

Hello all! I havent been on this site in quite awhile...I moved away from Indiana 1 1/2 years ago to move to ohio in with the man I love. Right now it seems as though we are 2 separate people? He says that he supports me and that my MS doesnt matter...yet...2 yrs ago he wanted to marry me...he proposed and… Read More

Roller coaster with everything*

Well back to pushing to hard again I guess. Couple days ago I started to fill a little bit better and tried to use my walker off and on from 8:30 to 11 and ended up worse than before yet again. I was already hurting some but afterwards I started getting worst pain and spasms than before it felt like. Now before… Read More

DMDs in the age of coronavirus *

I have a what do you think question?  I was all set to stop taking my Rebif, that I have been on for 16 1/2 yrs at my appt. this spring.  I had decided -- all was set in my mind!  I will be 61 years old in May.  I had heard that the chances of relapse are much less after age 60.  Interfeurons can put you in a… Read More


Join the National MS Society’s webinar, Ask an MS Expert: Coping with Uncertainty, Friday, March 27 at 1 pm EST to hear the latest information on multiple sclerosis and COVID-19 and what you can do now to stay safe and healthy. Don’t miss this chance to stay informed, interact with top specialists, and connect… Read More

What do you ponder?*

During your days you must think of something, what to wear, what to eat and then what else??? Do you ever think about the millions or billions of miles of outer space or visiting a star? Do you have a favorite topic you always think about?   Read More


Ok I don't know if I posted since going into the hospital or since I've been released. Anyway I was perfectly fine until my nephew showed up at the hospital and just from my reaction they told the sheriff's deputy that I have PTSD from my nephew. Then on top of that he's made it a point to show up to my house… Read More


Do any of you go to a gym or participate in some sort of activity or sport to help strengthen, improve, or slow down the muscle weakness? I know there are different types of MS and everyone progresses at there own pace. What do you do to help your body? Read More

Ok back to hospital ms acting up*

Ok for Maria I actually was able to record some of what my nephew has been doing. But last time my neurologist wanted me to be admitted to board and care and have the hospital call her office. So I'm at the hospital and I don't know what my neurologist told the er Dr but they are admitting me. And they are… Read More

Walk-in tub?*

I am looking for a contractor to install a walk-in bathtub in my (rental) apartment.  I have permission from my landlord.  I'm having trouble finding a contractoe that I trust to do this work.  Has anyone done this?  Are you eilling to share your experiences? I had one installed in the house I shared with my… Read More


Ok well I gave one more chance and went right back to before. So this time I actually got the sheriff's non emergency number for morning if it comes to it. But I hope to be shivel about everything. And I just pray that maybe this time he's gonna take the information I gave him to get the help he needs. That's… Read More

Found rehab but don't know if he'd go *

Ok so I'm falling allot more it's gotten were I've not been showering regularly. Been having more attacks from the MS to the dystonia. And even with all of my problems I'm still trying to find help for my nephew. I feel so hurt by it all. But I've spoken with others and I'm having my birthday tomorrow. And if… Read More

I'm so fed up.*

All I've done is try and get my life on track. While everyone else has done nothing but talk trash and harass me. Then make sure to not want to help. My sister won't take her own son in instead I had him dumped on me. And since being here all he's been doing is drinking getting into trouble. I've asked her to… Read More