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Invisible symptoms and loneliness *

Hi everyone! i was just looking for a place where to share my feelings and here I am.   I’ve been feeling so lonely lately. I feel so tired and so numb, my mood changes continuously and the worst part is that when I try to talk about it with my family, they think I’m just trying to find excuses for my… Read More

Afraid of the future*

Hello. I didn’t know who else to tell this because I feel like no one understands really of being their future unknown. I am to graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology and want to apply for Masters in Social Work, with hopes of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. But I am terrified. I am scared of… Read More

Summer Heat *

I have attempted to make this post a couple of times. But hopefully I got it this time. I am terrified of summer heat, I tend to have additonal MS symtoms in the summer time and I have constantly been told to stay cool, but i feel like a captive in my own home. I still work but feel so weak during this time of… Read More

Memory. :(

I'm having serious issues with my memory. It's starting drive me crazy and I'm becoming extrememly depressed with no one to talk to. I'm tired with all of this. I'm actually looking out for help and counseling. I need someone who I can talk to about it. Partner and Family don't understand,  Read More


I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in dealing with too much stimuli.  It's a "mental block" or being silly.  After having her falsetto-mimic my request for being… Read More


I’m not sure if this falls under daily life or not.  My mother has MS. 20 years now. In February she had a urinaly infection and the doctor she saw never looked at the result and a week later ended up in the ER. She has since gotten much much worse. She is to the point of needing assisted living and I’m not… Read More


 Hi fellow MS family and friends! I have been battling MS for 10 years now and in the beginning, when I was on Copaxone, I was able to work out for 45 minutes every day… Now that I am on Tysabri for the last eight years I no longer have the stamina to work out  and I have gained a fear of over doing it. My… Read More

Caffeine *

I have been living with MS now for almost 20 yrs. I love my coffee in the morning. I was told when I was first diagnosed that coffee would help with the fatigue. I am trying to be more aware of what I put in my body. I have been told now that I should not drink coffee. What do you think? Read More


   This current attack is not responding to steroids or neuropthy meds. I've been using a walker but can't go far or carry anything. I find out about a wheel chair, hopefully, next week. If I'm only approved for a heavy one it won't help. I don't know how to do things with a wheelchair but I can go further and… Read More

New workers. Working out!!*

Finally I have not one but two worker's. That way I know that I'm taken care of right. I have to thank God for it. I know that my family isn't happy because they've been trying to destroy my life. They've harassed me and neglected me then tried to convince me that if I went in for my back surgery I'd be… Read More

So right back to where I was before. *

Still having issues with my family trying to drive me insane with their game's. They've been trying to drive me crazy with their stalking then trying to get me to the point of messing up. Sister hit me up for meds nephew threatening to beat up other caregiver witch I had let go. He was calling off a lot for… Read More

Feeling left behind*

Hi my name's Amer and I've been feeling pretty bummed out for the most part of 2019, because during my final year of high school I started to fail some of my classes, no matter how many times I studied. I felt so stupid and blamed myself, until one night I woke up and couldn't see from my left eye. After a… Read More


For example, I am trying to clean house, but my legs of course don't work like they used to.  I hurt so bad I just want to sit.  I was in a STEP program but I quit because I could not even push the grocery cart.  By the time I got back to my car I was near tears.   I would use the in-store scooters, but they… Read More

Gaming helps MS in lots of ways. *

Hello All, I am new here, and somewhat newly diagnosed with MS (Summer 2018) I don't know why I didn't think of joining communities sooner, but better late than never right!?  The main message I want to get across is even though I've stopped working due to MS this year (boo) gaming on a social outlet (Such… Read More

Dear arielfriar*

 Your situation has me overwhelmed, my brain is searching for what I would do in your situation, who to call for help, what kid of help is immediate and possible? Without family or friends to help I keep thinking that maybe a women's shelter may take you in. I dont know what state services for the indigent are… Read More

Walk-in tub?*

I am looking for a contractor to install a walk-in bathtub in my (rental) apartment.  I have permission from my landlord.  I'm having trouble finding a contractoe that I trust to do this work.  Has anyone done this?  Are you eilling to share your experiences? I had one installed in the house I shared with my… Read More

Avonex Side Effects

Hi, I was newly diagnosed with relapsing MS and have been using Avonex 1 week for 4 months now. Every Friday after the injection i have side effecets of weakness, muscle pains, sickness etc. This week i had the worst side effects which also caused weakness the day after. Is this normal for it to get worse as… Read More

Home safety

I need to know how safe my home is and have no idea where to start, is there any organization that come to your home and evaluates and recommends safety concerns Would appreciate any advice  Lynn312 Read More