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Day by Day with MS*

Hello, I was diagnosed on 11/9/17.  hadn't been feeling well for month or now that I think about it more like years.  I thought I was going crazy. My legs were always hurting and they felt heavy. I was so tired all the time. I would describe it as I feel as if some one just unplugged me and I have no more… Read More

College, Work, Money!*

My daughter is newly diagnosed with MS.  She is a College Student and works to partially support herself.  She was a caregiver so now she is not working; she needs the caregiver some days!  She is trying to go back to school.  Trying desperately not to take away her independents but don't want to spend all… Read More

Having a few too many bad days*

I wish it was easier to get through!!! I'm feeling swollen up again and been in more pain than usual...  I went down to get my ivig treatment and the Dr first said that they were going to do it at home but then said that I had to switch back to straight Medicare so the office is over an hour away and I missed… Read More

Online College and Ms *

So I started working on online college, but I am not able to be able to take a full load of classes each quarter. I am only 19 now, but I am worried what if it takes longer than normal to be able to finish school. What if I am not able to graduate with a bachelors degree till 23 or even 24 years old. I am… Read More


Hey there guys,My name is Robert Welsh. I’m 29 years old and currently being treated for my first big flare up of ms at swedish medical center in denver. I don’t have a 100 percent diagnosis as of yet but should shortly. My symptoms started in my hands with numbness in every digit and progressed to lhermittes… Read More

Teen with MS, education *

Hi, My teen daughter has ms, and I was wondering if anyone else may have had a problem with their child doing great in school all year long, almost an honor student in every class and then when it came time for final exams, failed them miserably, I am completely at a loss right now and hoping that someone may… Read More

need money and my insanity*

Well I still work under restrictions. I hurt really bad from working 3 to 4 days a week for 3 to 5 hrs a day. I feel better when not working but I need to be busy I have bills to pay yet and need the money. My children want me to get disability but so far have been reluctant I'm afraid I'll just give up… Read More


Hi everyone- I'm Dorothy and I have relapsing/remitting MS. In the fall of 2010 I suffered three attacks of severe optic neuritis which permanently damaged my vision, plus I have extreme fatigue which makes much physical activity difficult. One of my favorite hobbies is the massively multiplayer online… Read More

Felt betrayed and hurt*

I was supposed to meet with this lady and my social worker at the nursing home at 12 but then she came at 10 and Maria knows how I've been saying I've been being gas lighted or stalked. Now this has gone on for 3 years. So about 2 months ago a realtor sent me a text with his card. Then the woman who came was… Read More


Hello! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had an experience that is somewhat similar to mine.  I am a designer who sometimes does work on assistive technology.  Over the years I have developed cardiovascular problems :(  I like being able to monitor my own condition so I know when I need to go to the… Read More

Don't know what i don't know*

The old saying, "I didn't know what i didn't know." has been a hard pill to swallow while navigating my one unpredictable moments at a time during this first year of being newly diagnosed. All my previous 50 some odd years of life experience has surely not prepared me for this. I've read and heard about how… Read More

University study tips*

Hello and much happiness to you all! I have just joined today hoping to make new friends. I am a mature student living in the UK, studying Natural Sciences. I am yet to find a study technique that can help me retain more information, giving the cognitive issues from this damn illness. Any help or even a nice… Read More

Do you talk to your brain?*

There is the part of my brain that tells me how I feel emotionally about something. good, bad, happy, sad etc. Sometimes my brain has been tricked into thinking emotionally a certain way, by parental controls, dont touch the stove you will get burnt, dont go in the street a car will hit you. But most of the… Read More

Writing a Blog...*

Hi, I have been diagnosed with benign MS for about 13 years. I am about to undergo a major risk reducing mastectomy procedure called a DIEP, and aware that this could have serious repercussions for my MS. I am writing a blog about this, if you'd like to see it. anyone… Read More


Ok well had to start taking ampyra finally. Before I started I couldn't walk with a walker but from my hospital bed to my bathroom or get in and out of the shower without help or get dressed at times. Now mind you before a few years ago I could walk more than that. And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned about my… Read More

Afraid of the future*

Hello. I didn’t know who else to tell this because I feel like no one understands really of being their future unknown. I am to graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology and want to apply for Masters in Social Work, with hopes of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. But I am terrified. I am scared of… Read More