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Hi I am a 25 year old single MS patient that does not blame everything on my disease. I have a vehicle, but it is severely damaged.I have a ton of doctor's appointments and treatments and I need to be able to commute back and forth to around the Atlanta area. The front driver side on the car I currently have… Read More


How do you make housework easier on yourself?  Here's a few ways I do: My vacuum has an extension hose so I don't have to stand on anything to reach.  I need one of the extension thingies for my Swiffer duster. Bending over is the worst thing I can do to myself - it weakens me right away.  I've tried… Read More

Gaming helps MS in lots of ways. *

Hello All, I am new here, and somewhat newly diagnosed with MS (Summer 2018) I don't know why I didn't think of joining communities sooner, but better late than never right!?  The main message I want to get across is even though I've stopped working due to MS this year (boo) gaming on a social outlet (Such… Read More

How to deal with caregiver issues.*

Ok so my nephew takes care of me and has been doing a good job I guess when possible. But being family it's kinda hard I guess to take care of because it's trying for both. That being said there's the issue of the person not working all the hours or over stepping. Yet the individual will put all the hours. You… Read More

Obsession over my issues? Or frustration*

Ok so I've been dealing with the loss of use of my legs. I've tried ampyra it was working for awhile then slowly just stopped working. Now I'm on the generic brand myelin. But I do force myself when I feel good and I end up in the same boat way worse. Some days are OK then I end up forcing myself to be up too… Read More

Teen with MS, education *

Hi, My teen daughter has ms, and I was wondering if anyone else may have had a problem with their child doing great in school all year long, almost an honor student in every class and then when it came time for final exams, failed them miserably, I am completely at a loss right now and hoping that someone may… Read More


So just today i was released from the hospital because i suffered a huge MS flare up that left me bed ridden n unable to walk for about 4days.. For some reason i still can't accept my new life and i know i should it sort of feels like my mind can't adjust to it or won't i lived a very active life so my question… Read More

Isolation *

There are plenty of western movies showing a one room cabin amid the plains, it is occupied by a man, woman with maybe a few children and livestock, these were the first immigrants who travelled west maybe carrying a few seeds from the old country. These stories were often called Romance Novels. During the… Read More

Running, ok jogging, with MS

Hello.  I was diagnosed with MS at 23.  I turned 40 less than a month ago.  I spent 16 years thinking that I would never run again.  I am pretty mobile, although my left leg doesn't work so good, my balance is not good at all, and the soles of my shoes have always worn away at the heels, especially my left shoe… Read More

Hair loss and MS??or the drugs??

Hi all I was just diagnosed in July and am on copaxone.  Has anyone experienced hair loss from copaxone or just from MS in general?  It looked like I had a hand mitt of hair in the shower, which is way beyond my normal hair shedding!! Thanks in advance Amy Read More

Hunting *

For the past 11 years I have always looked forward to deer hunting. Opening weekend is a holiday in my home. That was until I was dignoised with MS. I no longer have the upper body strength to shoot my gun safely. That maybe a good thing for my husband because for the first time since we have been together he… Read More


I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in dealing with too much stimuli.  It's a "mental block" or being silly.  After having her falsetto-mimic my request for being… Read More


Folks, I've seen a fair number of discussions where folks puzzle whether they should drive or not.  I have the opposite problem.  My MS is long-term, stable R/R.  I'm mobile, but not super-coordinated in the AM;  I can drive fine in the PM's (while in remission.)  So for decades, I've worked a PM job that… Read More

What does our future look like? *

I cant stop thinking about the future of MS. Especially what my life in the future will look like. With medication I am able to feel from the waist down to my toes and walk, run, etc. I know without some of my daily meds, the numbness/tingling comes back. How long do I have until I lose something else? It… Read More

Taking Care of Myself*

I have been diagnosed with RRMS about 18 months ago. I do monthly infusions and I also do iv vitamins weekly. I tend to take care of myself. I am very prideful and don’t ever ask for help. I don’t even ask my husband. I take myself to the dr, I take myself for tests and treatments. My question is how do you let… Read More

From bad to worse feeling*

Ok so been put through nothing but b.s. from my so called family to my so called friend's. All they have done is mess with my head. They even had my abusive x stop by. I hate every single one of them. They've been stalking me talking trash about me and just doing everything in there power to try and get me to… Read More