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Found rehab but don't know if he'd go *

Ok so I'm falling allot more it's gotten were I've not been showering regularly. Been having more attacks from the MS to the dystonia. And even with all of my problems I'm still trying to find help for my nephew. I feel so hurt by it all. But I've spoken with others and I'm having my birthday tomorrow. And if… Read More


Do any of you go to a gym or participate in some sort of activity or sport to help strengthen, improve, or slow down the muscle weakness? I know there are different types of MS and everyone progresses at there own pace. What do you do to help your body? Read More

I'm so fed up.*

All I've done is try and get my life on track. While everyone else has done nothing but talk trash and harass me. Then make sure to not want to help. My sister won't take her own son in instead I had him dumped on me. And since being here all he's been doing is drinking getting into trouble. I've asked her to… Read More

Well things have gotten worse. *

Ok so in case something happens and no one doesn't here from me within the next week It might be because of family issues.  For one Maria was right all along. Things have gone from bad to worse with issues with my nephew he's ended up in jail a couple times now. The last was conspiracy to commit great bodily… Read More

What do you ponder?*

During your days you must think of something, what to wear, what to eat and then what else??? Do you ever think about the millions or billions of miles of outer space or visiting a star? Do you have a favorite topic you always think about?   Read More

Thank You *

Have you noticed the power of the phrase Thank You? For me it seems to conjure up other peoples time. Every time i say thank you to someone I see their clock ticking and the seconds they have given to me. Sometimes I notice what they have done, like I appreciate a good massage and the effect it produces but… Read More

Best climates *

Hi community I am a 41 year old male with MS. I have a wife and two small kids and we live in Montreal.   While I am in relatively good health, the winters here can be debilitating and force me to take additional pain meds and limits my outside activity.  My wife and I are thinking of relocating to a place… Read More


I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in dealing with too much stimuli.  It's a "mental block" or being silly.  After having her falsetto-mimic my request for being… Read More

From bad to worse feeling*

Ok so been put through nothing but b.s. from my so called family to my so called friend's. All they have done is mess with my head. They even had my abusive x stop by. I hate every single one of them. They've been stalking me talking trash about me and just doing everything in there power to try and get me to… Read More

Gaming helps MS in lots of ways. *

Hello All, I am new here, and somewhat newly diagnosed with MS (Summer 2018) I don't know why I didn't think of joining communities sooner, but better late than never right!?  The main message I want to get across is even though I've stopped working due to MS this year (boo) gaming on a social outlet (Such… Read More

How to deal with caregiver issues.*

Ok so my nephew takes care of me and has been doing a good job I guess when possible. But being family it's kinda hard I guess to take care of because it's trying for both. That being said there's the issue of the person not working all the hours or over stepping. Yet the individual will put all the hours. You… Read More

Obsession over my issues? Or frustration*

Ok so I've been dealing with the loss of use of my legs. I've tried ampyra it was working for awhile then slowly just stopped working. Now I'm on the generic brand myelin. But I do force myself when I feel good and I end up in the same boat way worse. Some days are OK then I end up forcing myself to be up too… Read More


So just today i was released from the hospital because i suffered a huge MS flare up that left me bed ridden n unable to walk for about 4days.. For some reason i still can't accept my new life and i know i should it sort of feels like my mind can't adjust to it or won't i lived a very active life so my question… Read More

Isolation *

There are plenty of western movies showing a one room cabin amid the plains, it is occupied by a man, woman with maybe a few children and livestock, these were the first immigrants who travelled west maybe carrying a few seeds from the old country. These stories were often called Romance Novels. During the… Read More

Hair loss and MS??or the drugs??

Hi all I was just diagnosed in July and am on copaxone.  Has anyone experienced hair loss from copaxone or just from MS in general?  It looked like I had a hand mitt of hair in the shower, which is way beyond my normal hair shedding!! Thanks in advance Amy Read More

Hunting *

For the past 11 years I have always looked forward to deer hunting. Opening weekend is a holiday in my home. That was until I was dignoised with MS. I no longer have the upper body strength to shoot my gun safely. That maybe a good thing for my husband because for the first time since we have been together he… Read More