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Hair loss and MS??or the drugs??

Hi all I was just diagnosed in July and am on copaxone.  Has anyone experienced hair loss from copaxone or just from MS in general?  It looked like I had a hand mitt of hair in the shower, which is way beyond my normal hair shedding!! Thanks in advance Amy Read More

Hunting *

For the past 11 years I have always looked forward to deer hunting. Opening weekend is a holiday in my home. That was until I was dignoised with MS. I no longer have the upper body strength to shoot my gun safely. That maybe a good thing for my husband because for the first time since we have been together he… Read More


Folks, I've seen a fair number of discussions where folks puzzle whether they should drive or not.  I have the opposite problem.  My MS is long-term, stable R/R.  I'm mobile, but not super-coordinated in the AM;  I can drive fine in the PM's (while in remission.)  So for decades, I've worked a PM job that… Read More

Taking Care of Myself*

I have been diagnosed with RRMS about 18 months ago. I do monthly infusions and I also do iv vitamins weekly. I tend to take care of myself. I am very prideful and don’t ever ask for help. I don’t even ask my husband. I take myself to the dr, I take myself for tests and treatments. My question is how do you let… Read More

Neck brace/support*

Hi.  New to this forum My wife has advanced seondary progressive.  I am looking for a neck brace that will support sideways (lateral flexion) movement of her head.  She is fine with front/back, up and down.  When she gets tired her head tilts over to the right almost onto her shoulder.  The neck braces I've… Read More


Hi Everyone, It has been a long time since I have been on here. I have notice that I have been sleeping more and when I say more I mean more! I could go to bed between 11pm and 1am which is my normal time but I'm sleeping all day long till about 45 minutes till my daughter gets home from school which is 3:30pm.… Read More

College and MS *

Hi, So I started doing some online school to get back into school. The first quarter I took one class, second quarter I took two classes, and the third quarter for me is summer quarter and I decided to take two classes. I didn't realize at first how short the quarter was going to be, it is a 11 week course… Read More

MS In College

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS 6 months ago, during spring semester finals during my sophomore year. I am now a junior at a very prestigious/rigorous university.  I am having a very hard time living with this disease in general but particularly being away from home. I'm not a fan of needles so it's already tough… Read More

After Pregnancy- Breast Feeding*

Hello! I'm hoping to get the advice of some fellow MS moms on this topic as it's proving to be difficult to make a decison on the subject. A little about me - I'm 31 and was diagnosed 1 year ago with RRMS. I started 6 months of Glatopa (generic Copaxone) and after an MRI, it was determined the medication wasn… Read More

Day by Day with MS*

Hello, I was diagnosed on 11/9/17.  hadn't been feeling well for month or now that I think about it more like years.  I thought I was going crazy. My legs were always hurting and they felt heavy. I was so tired all the time. I would describe it as I feel as if some one just unplugged me and I have no more… Read More

Having a few too many bad days*

I wish it was easier to get through!!! I'm feeling swollen up again and been in more pain than usual...  I went down to get my ivig treatment and the Dr first said that they were going to do it at home but then said that I had to switch back to straight Medicare so the office is over an hour away and I missed… Read More


Hey there guys,My name is Robert Welsh. I’m 29 years old and currently being treated for my first big flare up of ms at swedish medical center in denver. I don’t have a 100 percent diagnosis as of yet but should shortly. My symptoms started in my hands with numbness in every digit and progressed to lhermittes… Read More

need money and my insanity*

Well I still work under restrictions. I hurt really bad from working 3 to 4 days a week for 3 to 5 hrs a day. I feel better when not working but I need to be busy I have bills to pay yet and need the money. My children want me to get disability but so far have been reluctant I'm afraid I'll just give up… Read More


Hi everyone- I'm Dorothy and I have relapsing/remitting MS. In the fall of 2010 I suffered three attacks of severe optic neuritis which permanently damaged my vision, plus I have extreme fatigue which makes much physical activity difficult. One of my favorite hobbies is the massively multiplayer online… Read More