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University study tips*

Hello and much happiness to you all! I have just joined today hoping to make new friends. I am a mature student living in the UK, studying Natural Sciences. I am yet to find a study technique that can help me retain more information, giving the cognitive issues from this damn illness. Any help or even a nice… Read More


ok so I got a brain mri done last month and today I got a call saying I have to go back in for another one on my spine. Is this anything to worry about ? Read More

I feel so alone right now.*

That sums it up. I've been battling this monster for so long and struggling so much to keep going and it's getting harder everyday. I'm supposed to have help but it's been a roller coaster with the people that are supposed to help me. And I switched back to my pain patches and have been able to do much better… Read More

I Have Some Concerns*

I would like to go back to work. My daughter is graduating from homeschooling. I will have more time. I am currently employed very part time. I am a dog walker. Very good for my body. But I would like to go back full time and make more money to pay off bills and have more to do. My concerns are not being able… Read More

Hands free cell phone use

I'm trying to find a source for a high quality cell phone that can be utilized via voice activated blue tooth ear piece.  The phone we're using now can be used this way once you press another button.  This phone also has a flip cover which is becoming difficult to use.  My wife's condition has degraded to the… Read More

Hands free phone *

Hi.  My cousin has MS and is in need of a better phone system for communication and safety.  She lives by herself and is confined to a wheelchair with very limited arm and hand mobility.  I would like to find a completely hands free, voice activated system for her but everything I research has not worked… Read More

Depression or just MS getting to me? *

I've been feeling so weak lately I used to be more active but lately I can muster up the strength to get up I have to use a walker or power chair. I haven't been able to really walk but a few feet if I'm lucky with a Canadian crutch my main issue is constantly being in pain left side mainly as to the weakness… Read More

Online College and Ms *

So I started working on online college, but I am not able to be able to take a full load of classes each quarter. I am only 19 now, but I am worried what if it takes longer than normal to be able to finish school. What if I am not able to graduate with a bachelors degree till 23 or even 24 years old. I am… Read More

Vacation and traveling anxiety*

 My wife has MS and heat is a main trigger for her. We have a trip to visit my family in Orlando at the end of the month. Any attempt to assure my wife that she will be able to keep cool and still have a good time seems to fall on deaf ears.  My sister had the AC at her house serviced recently to make sure it… Read More


Hello. I'm looking to please hear from anyone who has MS AND is a caregiver for others.  Where and how do I find the energy to keep up with physical and emotional demands?  Some days I am so fatigued that I sit down and cry.  It's a never ending cycle, and I am beat.  My legs are mush.  My emotions are fried… Read More


Hi all, I am from the UK and have RRMS. I'm travelling to NYC for a short vacation with my teenage daughter in August and wondered if anyone knows if it's possible to rent a rollator or chair for the duration ? I need some support when standing in line or, given the expected temperature, to rest once in a… Read More

Teen with MS, education *

Hi, My teen daughter has ms, and I was wondering if anyone else may have had a problem with their child doing great in school all year long, almost an honor student in every class and then when it came time for final exams, failed them miserably, I am completely at a loss right now and hoping that someone may… Read More


   This current attack is not responding to steroids or neuropthy meds. I've been using a walker but can't go far or carry anything. I find out about a wheel chair, hopefully, next week. If I'm only approved for a heavy one it won't help. I don't know how to do things with a wheelchair but I can go further and… Read More

Hair loss and MS??or the drugs??

Hi all I was just diagnosed in July and am on copaxone.  Has anyone experienced hair loss from copaxone or just from MS in general?  It looked like I had a hand mitt of hair in the shower, which is way beyond my normal hair shedding!! Thanks in advance Amy Read More

Memory. :(

I'm having serious issues with my memory. It's starting drive me crazy and I'm becoming extrememly depressed with no one to talk to. I'm tired with all of this. I'm actually looking out for help and counseling. I need someone who I can talk to about it. Partner and Family don't understand,  Read More

MS Navigators*

I have received two connections requests that appear to be suspect, please contact me so I may give you the info. Has any other woman recieved connection requests trying to connect through other means than her a ms connections, if yes please add your name as a reply, thanks. Read More


Hey there guys,My name is Robert Welsh. I’m 29 years old and currently being treated for my first big flare up of ms at swedish medical center in denver. I don’t have a 100 percent diagnosis as of yet but should shortly. My symptoms started in my hands with numbness in every digit and progressed to lhermittes… Read More

Dating or finding a spouse with MS *

I would very much like to remarry. I have been divorced for over 3 years, but with fatigue it is difficult to get out and actually be in places where my Knight in Shining Armor might be. I work a full time job and still have to do the day to day stuff that has to be done to maintain my dwelling place and me. I… Read More


 Hi fellow MS family and friends! I have been battling MS for 10 years now and in the beginning, when I was on Copaxone, I was able to work out for 45 minutes every day… Now that I am on Tysabri for the last eight years I no longer have the stamina to work out  and I have gained a fear of over doing it. My… Read More