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Felt betrayed and hurt*

I was supposed to meet with this lady and my social worker at the nursing home at 12 but then she came at 10 and Maria knows how I've been saying I've been being gas lighted or stalked. Now this has gone on for 3 years. So about 2 months ago a realtor sent me a text with his card. Then the woman who came was… Read More


Hello! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had an experience that is somewhat similar to mine.  I am a designer who sometimes does work on assistive technology.  Over the years I have developed cardiovascular problems :(  I like being able to monitor my own condition so I know when I need to go to the… Read More

Don't know what i don't know*

The old saying, "I didn't know what i didn't know." has been a hard pill to swallow while navigating my one unpredictable moments at a time during this first year of being newly diagnosed. All my previous 50 some odd years of life experience has surely not prepared me for this. I've read and heard about how… Read More

Do you talk to your brain?*

There is the part of my brain that tells me how I feel emotionally about something. good, bad, happy, sad etc. Sometimes my brain has been tricked into thinking emotionally a certain way, by parental controls, dont touch the stove you will get burnt, dont go in the street a car will hit you. But most of the… Read More


Ok well had to start taking ampyra finally. Before I started I couldn't walk with a walker but from my hospital bed to my bathroom or get in and out of the shower without help or get dressed at times. Now mind you before a few years ago I could walk more than that. And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned about my… Read More

Afraid of the future*

Hello. I didn’t know who else to tell this because I feel like no one understands really of being their future unknown. I am to graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology and want to apply for Masters in Social Work, with hopes of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. But I am terrified. I am scared of… Read More

Practical Matters*

In case you don't know, here are a few tips to save money energy aggrivation and time. Instead of buying those bulky laundry products consider Soap Nuts, from the Soap Nut trees in China, sold at Amazon, the nuts are put in a small muslin bag the size of old fashioned cowboy tobacco pouches and added to… Read More

I am newly diagnosed and scared. *

i'm a rare human being. I'm only 16 and i've been officially diagnosed with MS. i don't know how to put my words together right now. I'm looking for a little support group. i've  been in the hospital since october 4th snd i have not let out how i truly feel about this yet.  Read More

Hello Everyone, my name is Jessica!*

To be honest, I just pray to God that I wish that I didn't have MS. It's just something that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I have to have an aide, my nurse aide is cool. I hate that I've had to fire four aides. Not trying to be depressing but if you want to be my aide, come to work. My back does bother… Read More

Feeling alone.*

I feel so alone lately and despondent. Literally I will put on a brave face for everyone to see but then all I want to do is break down and cry. Even if I have people around I still fill like that. It's gotten so hard that there's days all I want to do is give up. It doesn't help to try and get out because if I… Read More


There is a very good and simple to understand web site - Everyday - type in multiple sclerosis and you will find many articles about MS (ie: how to find a good MS neurologist, questions to ask, etc).  Of course they also have information about other diseases and medical conditions. Read More

Clinical Trials*

It seems we have discussed everything else ms except clinical trials. The discussion came up for me this morning and I was wondering what your feelings are about it and whether you have partiipated. So, what do you think? Read More

Summer Heat *

I have attempted to make this post a couple of times. But hopefully I got it this time. I am terrified of summer heat, I tend to have additonal MS symtoms in the summer time and I have constantly been told to stay cool, but i feel like a captive in my own home. I still work but feel so weak during this time of… Read More


I’m not sure if this falls under daily life or not.  My mother has MS. 20 years now. In February she had a urinaly infection and the doctor she saw never looked at the result and a week later ended up in the ER. She has since gotten much much worse. She is to the point of needing assisted living and I’m not… Read More


 Hi fellow MS family and friends! I have been battling MS for 10 years now and in the beginning, when I was on Copaxone, I was able to work out for 45 minutes every day… Now that I am on Tysabri for the last eight years I no longer have the stamina to work out  and I have gained a fear of over doing it. My… Read More

New workers. Working out!!*

Finally I have not one but two worker's. That way I know that I'm taken care of right. I have to thank God for it. I know that my family isn't happy because they've been trying to destroy my life. They've harassed me and neglected me then tried to convince me that if I went in for my back surgery I'd be… Read More

So right back to where I was before. *

Still having issues with my family trying to drive me insane with their game's. They've been trying to drive me crazy with their stalking then trying to get me to the point of messing up. Sister hit me up for meds nephew threatening to beat up other caregiver witch I had let go. He was calling off a lot for… Read More

Feeling left behind*

Hi my name's Amer and I've been feeling pretty bummed out for the most part of 2019, because during my final year of high school I started to fail some of my classes, no matter how many times I studied. I felt so stupid and blamed myself, until one night I woke up and couldn't see from my left eye. After a… Read More


For example, I am trying to clean house, but my legs of course don't work like they used to.  I hurt so bad I just want to sit.  I was in a STEP program but I quit because I could not even push the grocery cart.  By the time I got back to my car I was near tears.   I would use the in-store scooters, but they… Read More