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App for Tracking Symptoms / Life with MS *

Does anyone use an app for tracking life with MS, particularly symptoms? I keep a journal, but would like an easy way to automate it. There are a number of apps available in the Google Play Store (I use Android), but would like to hear your experiences if you've used one. Thanks. Read More

Being Stuck*

How do you let go of the past. How do you begin to weave a new life for yourself. How do you come to terms with the new you. Where do you begin the proccess of becoming a person living in the present, with all the new limits ms has thrust upon you. Can you just stay in the present and appreciate what you have… Read More

Traveling with Disabilities*

Does anyone know of a site or resource for travelers with disabilities?  My best friend's husband also has MS.  He uses a cane most of the time and has recently had a horrible experience at a resort while travelling.  I think it would be beneficial to have some sort of resource for people like us to help us… Read More

help looking for housing

my mom has had ms going on 13 years now. she recently had to quit her job because she has gotten worst.  with her not working she cant afford her mortgage payment and is going to have to move. she has 4 dogs and 5 cats that mean the world to her they are her family. has had them for a long time and wont give… Read More

Subtle changes!!??*

Sundays for me are the "end" of the week. I have the "luxury problem" of "nothing" going on and do lots of self reflection. In the past week or so i realize i've made some rather "big" small changes to self, by self. Today, i'm in my second week off the cigarettes .... not going as "bad" as i thought it might… Read More


Without warning the storm clouds appear, an applause of thunder so loud it shakes the ground, torrential downpour of rain washes away road, landslides move rock and debris, everything in its path, rivers are diverted over farmlands, bridges washed out, hills levelled. The first responders rush in, to first make… Read More


I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in dealing with too much stimuli.  It's a "mental block" or being silly.  After having her falsetto-mimic my request for being… Read More

Depressed *

I have been working part time for almost two years. I am also in school full-time and a mom too two wonderful children one being special needs and I am overwhelmed the doctor's aren't helping my son and I am trying to handle everything plus my spouse is laid off so I am working more hours than usual and I also… Read More

"only good people...."*

I hate to bring my political views to a platform such as this but given MY life circumstances and experience i find it relative and appropriate...unavoidable to some degree in order to process the insane noises that frequent the inside of MY head. This Sessions guy of the DOJ in Washington DC claims that there… Read More

Exercise question*

Does anyone use a motorized pedal machine? Does it make the cramps worse? Does it help at all? Or does it just wipe you out completely? trying to determine if I should get help purchasing or if it is a waste of resources. Thanks for any and all input. Steve Read More


Hi everyone- I'm Dorothy and I have relapsing/remitting MS. In the fall of 2010 I suffered three attacks of severe optic neuritis which permanently damaged my vision, plus I have extreme fatigue which makes much physical activity difficult. One of my favorite hobbies is the massively multiplayer online… Read More

How to explain MS fatigue to my wife

I have had MS for 7 years and can not find the right "words" to explain to my wife what ms fatigue feels like.  I tend to tell people MS fatigue is like jet lag or maybe I say my mind is tired but mu body isn't.  My wife seems to think I just have a lack of motivation.  If I could only think of the right words… Read More

Inspirational Story*

My husband Brian was diagnosed with MS in 2006 at the age of 42.  He was very active working and traveling for Oracle, coaching football, referring H.S. football, rasing two kids, etc.  Two and half years ago he suffered his first relapse which put him into Progressive Relapsing MS.  Within the past 2 1/2 years… Read More


Dealing with fatigue, brain fog, and other quirky symptoms is what I deal with.  On the outside, I look fine.  But I get in my head and think that people are thinking that I am lazy, heck sometimes I think that I am lazy.  It seems a fine line between depression and fatigue symptoms.  Now here is one of the… Read More

Is there an App that can help?

My memory is probably my worst symptom.  Having so many App choices, is there one that MS folks have found especially helpful in remininding them of either important meetings, to-do lists, dealing with their MS, etc? Thanks. Read More

A lot of trouble walking*

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS in 1985. The first 29 years were pretty manageable. I could walk fine. Then, things got worse and I needed a cane, then a walker/rollator. Now, I can barely walk at all and I'm scared. What should I do? Thanks for reading, Linda Read More


I find that learning the "science" behind MS as interesting food for thought. My newest thoughts come full circle where my pent up anger and rage are concerned....some studies say this kinda anger is neurological and more prevelent in people with MS!? Hmmmmm.... interesting! sounds like a ground breaking study… Read More