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Just because *

I come on this sight to get insight and education about MS. Thought it weird that no one has started a new conversation in a few days....holidays right around the corner, end of another year, and no one was "bored" enough to begin one...hmmm. Ok, I'll do it! Last year i was only a few weeks into knowing my… Read More


Alright guys so in a few weeks, if my nurse calls me this week,like my Doctor said she would then it will be set up for me to start taken tysabri. I'm wondering if I can drive afterwards? I'm not planning to go alone the first few times but I'm just wondering if anyone can answer me please? I've went to all my… Read More

Trying to get my family to get it

How do you get your family ( kids and husband) to be interested in finding out what I'm going through ? I don't doubt their love and care but I'm trying to share things about symptoms, ms info, etc and they won't reciprocate interest! They don't get how hard it is to work full time, I can hardly walk and talk… Read More


My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months now. My MS is getting worse like endless fatigue, walking trouble, cognitive problems, pain, lack of sleep and bladder problems. I keep trying to talk to my Neurologist about these problems but he says he cannot give me anything because I am trying… Read More

Do you talk to your brain?*

There is the part of my brain that tells me how I feel emotionally about something. good, bad, happy, sad etc. Sometimes my brain has been tricked into thinking emotionally a certain way, by parental controls, dont touch the stove you will get burnt, dont go in the street a car will hit you. But most of the… Read More


Hey all, I got diagnosed This April and at first it was hard. But anytime you feel down and upset just remember you’re breathing and you have a bright future with the technology and medicine we have today. I know it’s just the beginning for me but sometimes just a hello or have a good day is all you need. Even… Read More


In Dec 2016 my neurologist met with me and told me I had PPMS based on the MRI results she was showing me. Since then through now i have "ran" with this "diagnosis". It is VERY apparent that i have MS, has been that way for me for even a year plus before my diagnosis when nobody knew what my difficulties were… Read More


As Turkey Day approaches we are reminded to be thankful for what we do have and can still do. November is often referred to as Gratitude month...which is great advice to focus on everyday but extremely helpful as we kick off the dreaded end of the year holiday season.  For years in times of "trouble" and… Read More

Negative Experiences*

As I go through this site and discussions I always see and contribute to ways to stay positive and have a good outlook. We all know though that there are plenty of downs while navigating through life with MS. I am just wondering what some of your negative experiences have been. I feel a bit fish out of water… Read More


Have been on Copaxone since 1/15/13. Struck with MS disease 11/1/12.  Very beneficial effect, could feel beneficial effect with first dose.  Lessens or eliminates beestings all over, confusion, headache all day, unsteady gait, emotional instability.  Have some bleed through itching in hands when I wake up, hand… Read More

Why ?*

I haven't posted a photo of myself on my profile because I cannot figure out how, so maybe someone can help me with that. TY I haven' t posted my story , I am not feeling up to it. Its long, painful ,and depresses me , I will one day but not tonight. I was dignosed 2 yrs ago, im a retired NYPD police officer, I… Read More

What to do with my self-image? *

Newly diagnoses (April 2017), new nursing student with a good medical understanding, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around this still. I have great days where everything is fine. And then I have days where I just fall apart and can't think how to reconcile myself as a person with MS and all the possible… Read More


Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed with MS. At first, it was CIS... it's recently been updated to RRMS (yay). I'm very blessed and very fortunate to have had a relatively easy time getting diagnosed in comparison to some of the stories I've been reading. I just wanted to introduce myself and start a support… Read More

Don't know what i don't know*

The old saying, "I didn't know what i didn't know." has been a hard pill to swallow while navigating my one unpredictable moments at a time during this first year of being newly diagnosed. All my previous 50 some odd years of life experience has surely not prepared me for this. I've read and heard about how… Read More

Dating or finding a spouse with MS *

I would very much like to remarry. I have been divorced for over 3 years, but with fatigue it is difficult to get out and actually be in places where my Knight in Shining Armor might be. I work a full time job and still have to do the day to day stuff that has to be done to maintain my dwelling place and me. I… Read More

I want to DO things...but then MS*

I want to go to every support group, meeting, gathering... but then MS.   Pick a symptom and I will show you a roadblock: transportation is barely tolerable or on time, I’m tired, in pain, numb, can’t speak clearly and barely walk. Then ANXIETY..oh the biggest monster of all.  It steals thought, makes me SO… Read More


Hi all,  just curious what everyones everyday symptoms are being in their 20's. I had always imagined only getting everyday sympoms as I got older until about 6 months ago started to get tingling in my right foot and has never really gone completely away and still wondering i it will ever go completely away.  Read More