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Dear arielfriar*

 Your situation has me overwhelmed, my brain is searching for what I would do in your situation, who to call for help, what kid of help is immediate and possible? Without family or friends to help I keep thinking that maybe a women's shelter may take you in. I dont know what state services for the indigent are… Read More

Walk-in tub?*

I am looking for a contractor to install a walk-in bathtub in my (rental) apartment.  I have permission from my landlord.  I'm having trouble finding a contractoe that I trust to do this work.  Has anyone done this?  Are you eilling to share your experiences? I had one installed in the house I shared with my… Read More

Home safety

I need to know how safe my home is and have no idea where to start, is there any organization that come to your home and evaluates and recommends safety concerns Would appreciate any advice  Lynn312 Read More

Need help with care problem*

Hello Everyone,I want the public to know what is happening to me and this is in the public interest:I have MS and I am physically disabled living in Vancouver BC and I feel that my health and wellbeing are in danger from the actions of my care agency if nothing is done. I am asking for your advice and help.I am… Read More

Career, What now?

Well, My goal was to become an RN, I was a CNA for 7 yrs. The past 6 yrs I was a CNA at the hospital and it was a big floor, so constant running.  The beginning of 2012, I was developing fatigue, for 5-6 months I didnt know why I was getting to "tired", "Exhausted". So OBVIOUSLY I have a Heat tolerance. So I… Read More

Showering/Bathing *

Hey Everyone, Anybody have any good suggestions that make showering in a standard bathtub less of an exhausting Olympic event?  I have a shower bench and it helps but when your legs dont work and you cant stand up to shower, showering is a grueling, painful experience I hate, but do so out of necessity… Read More


Ok so I just got home last night and yes I'm really hurting. I hid the pain so good around my girlfriend and forced myself to stay up and out of bed the whole time I was there at her place.   But the bad was I kept having issues with being able to be up beyond being in my wheelchair. And making it from the… Read More

Invisible symptoms and loneliness *

Hi everyone! i was just looking for a place where to share my feelings and here I am.   I’ve been feeling so lonely lately. I feel so tired and so numb, my mood changes continuously and the worst part is that when I try to talk about it with my family, they think I’m just trying to find excuses for my… Read More


Ok just as stated. To much b.s. from everyone playing games. Now I did talk to my brother about some of it. He still claims that they haven't been playing these games. My one caregiver I let go came over on Saturday with his timesheet for me to sign and show me the receipts for his car being worked on.  I was… Read More

mobility scooter design*

I am a design student working on a design project for a mobility scooter. I am wanting to create a design hat can actually be helpful  improve the experience of using mobility devices. I understand that there is an incredibly wide range of mobility difficulties but I am wondering if people think there would… Read More

Copaxone and concentration

Does anybody know if taking copaxone will help me get back the ability to concentrate effectively. I know it reduces the relapse rate but I'm not sure about helping the concentration thing. I forgot to ask the neuro last time I was there. Read More


There is a stigma associated with “handicapped” I mean seriously... who wants to be labeled “handicapped” 😬 I don’t. But yesterday as I left my house in the triple digit heat to pick my oldest up early for an appointment, I realized there was no way I would make it from the regular parking into the school… Read More


What comes to mind when I say that word? Does it remind you of a balanced meal? One that has whole grains, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Or does it remind you that you need to have your tires balanced on your car? How about doing flips on a 4 inch beam of wood? Or maybe it's a workout, combining both… Read More

Daily Life*

Hello, I'm new around here, so I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong section. My balance is terrible and I've fallen down the stairs more than a handful of times, so my husband thought it best to buy me a cane. While it does help more than I'd like to admit, it's still a cane and I absolutely… Read More

My Day*

I basically wake up around 5 am =, of course I;ve been up many times (bathroom) My son Charles goes to work. at 6 am Myself and my wife watch GMA and Morning Joe, I sit on couch most of the rest of the day. I (when poss) try to work on my HO Scale models, or just browse online. I am not walking as much, but I… Read More

MS In College

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS 6 months ago, during spring semester finals during my sophomore year. I am now a junior at a very prestigious/rigorous university.  I am having a very hard time living with this disease in general but particularly being away from home. I'm not a fan of needles so it's already tough… Read More


ok so I got a brain mri done last month and today I got a call saying I have to go back in for another one on my spine. Is this anything to worry about ? Read More