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  • Charlene1
    I live in my parents' basement and there is not a bathroom down here. I NEED A BATHROOM!!!! I am tired of having to mop up my accidents!!!!! No matter how you try to bedazzle or alter depends, they are NOT stylish!!!
    I guess I am just in a pissed off mood... no pun intended!!!!!!
  • Rich1007
    Have you looked at these -->

    Real easy to install and dont cost too much.
  • Charlene1
    Yes we have gotten quotes for the upflush toilets for the basement. I applied for grant monies with MS Society of GA and they are working with Home Depot to get funds. We have sent MS Society a quote for materials only because my Husband and Father are going to do all the work to keep expenses down. It has just been dragging out for months and I get discouraged.
    Thanks for the info!!