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  • TrishSue
    I know and youre right...we talked a lot today...he says honey I will love you no matter what...I know sometimes youre edgy from the MS...and if I didnt know thats what it was...he said he's be upset...but he knows what the reason for me getting upset with him is...although I feel as though I did nothing wrong...LOL!!!.
    I needed help cleaning the other day...I was hurting in my back...I have a lotta things going on in my back...I kept showing him the swiffer cloths and saying...honey see...the house is really dirty...look I am cleaning the hardwood floors and this is the 4th cleaning cloth I've used...HELLO!!!
    He just want me to jump up and help you right there and then...and just cuz I didnt jump up when you said something...I am the bad guy?
    1.) The girl I love is cleaning my house...
    2.) The girl that I love is hurting.....BAD!!!
    3.) The girl that I love is taking her pain medication....LOL!!!
    4.) The girl that I love is laying down she's hurting so bad.....LOL!!!

    What about 1,2,3 and 4 does he not understand?????
    I'm right!!!
    Lawdy Have Mercy Child!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!! The girl has a plan..........heeheehee!!!
    I have checked into an MS support group here in my area...they meet at the Nights Of Columbus the 3rd Tuesday of each month...I am going to take Mister Stubborn with me so he can hear and see...(Men are like children...they need sometimes to have...Ummm...
    Vi...i..i..SUALS!!! ) LMAO!!!
    So I am hoping that once he hears and sees others talking about MS he will...WAM BAM!!! Get the PiccccTURE!!! OMG!!! LOL!!!
    ya think???
    Take care and thank you so much for your prayers!!!
  • TrishSue
    Awwwwwww!!! Thank you so much Jen!!!
    You have touched my heart so much by reaching out to me!!!
    Sometimes I feel as though my posts are to lengthy and I get too long winded....but I am expressing myself and trying to let others know...they are not alone...we are all struggling with our own demons thru this thing...sometimes I may say too much IDK? lol
    sometimes when I am hands just won't stop typing...I feel very strong urges to say some things...and after I read it I sit back and say to myself...Ummm...should you say all of that Trish? lol
    I do not have texting...however I will put your number in my cell phone and ask when a good time to call you might be : )
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
    God Bless you bunches!!!
    ((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))
  • TrishSue
    Yes I began in 1998 on what I thought it was called Beta Interferon...Avonex? Are they the same thing? It was a muscle shot I gave in my thighs only every friday I would switch legs.....Wow!! That does sound easier and not so much of a pain in the bootie!
    I am going to call my Neuro Monday morning...I need something for my depression "REALLY" bad!!! Last night I had another crying spell....OMG I hate those!!!
    So I will talk my my neuro also about Avonex.
    Thank you so much!!!
  • kzak4151
    Good Morning Trish - Hopefully today will be a better day my dear.  You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. 

    This morning -  go to the police station and file a report - if it got physical and you have marks - make certain to show them and press charges.  Ask for a police escort to go and get your stuff (even if you have to rent a U-haul ) - $25.00/day - get a small storage unit and put all your stuff in there.  I know you don't want to get rid of your kitty cat - but you may have to turn him/her over to a shelter (even for now). 

    First thing Mon. a.m. - go to the Veterans Services and explain everything to them - they should be able to help you - it may take a day or two because they have to call a meeting together and discuss/vote, etc...

    I'm hoping that YOU have a key to the house - if so - it's YOUR house too and I believe he doesn't have the right to kick you out.  Make sure you let the police know that - if he touched you - press charges.  Stop fooling around with this guy.  I realize that it's tough - but you deserve so much better.

    Can you go back home to your kids?

    Keep in touch and know I'm here and ready to lend an ear!

  • TrishSue
    As a matter of fact I did have a police officer meet me there saturday...and when he arrived wayne was like why sis she bring you? I would never hurt her...
    I said its for MY protection so you cant say I did anything to you.....the police officer was one of those young jerk rookies and he had to leave before I was finished...he reminded me that he cant come anymore..this was a one time thing only..JERK!!! LOL!!!

    SoooOOoo I am still here at my friends home...she is very sweet however her hubby is an ex navy seal and he drinks ALOT!!! Has mood swings and personality changes and yells at her every night..Sunday is his only day off so I stayed up on the third floor where I stay and kept to myself after breakfast I didnt go down I just hafta keep my distance from him.

    Wayne sent me an email today ( warning me is more like it )  telling me he would file an eviction notice if my furniture wasnt out from his house by tomorrow...and he also said thats going to ruin your good rental credit when I file that Patricia...OMG!!! SoOooo I have been freaking out all day...and then I went online to seek advice and stumbled over the Rights for the Disabled web site and so I called them...its a daggone good thang I did...the attoney called me back within 5 minutes I was impressed! He said I lived there 1 1/2 years and that was my residence I was not a renter and therefore that man could not tell me to get out the way he did friday...but I didnt wanna stay where I wasnt wanted either...that would not have worked out very well.......
  • TrishSue
    What I need is LOTSA prayers right now...I know God has a wonderful plan for me out of all of this chaos...just when yu think youre all alone and nobodys paying attention..."BAM!!!" God intervenes!!! Thats how our wonderful God truly is!!! He will never leave me nor forsake me!!!
    I feel sometimes that perhaps I have been placed here in this home to be a light for my friend Leslie whos hubby is absolutely horrifying!!! This is her house and I pray that God will open her eyes and she will see that women can make it on their own...we do not need to be any mans means to take out their anger on.....

    May God Bless you ALL!!!
    Keep praying!!!

    Thank you Kelly!!! I sooooo much appreciate you defending me!!!  : )
    Its a long rough road...but trust me when I say...
    "Ive been down on my knees...come face to face with the devil...and I know that its hard to believe...but it gets better!!!!" ( song by Jo Dee Mesina ) It gets better!!!  : )
  • kzak4151
    Good Morning dear -

    I would turn that jerk of a Rookie cop into his supervisor - they'll have it on record (or should) who it was that escorted you.  They are supposed to write it in their logs.  Seriously....he shouldn't be able to get away with that.  What if something would have happened after he left?  Seriously?  Did he honestly think that Wayne was going to do something stupid in front of him?  OMG...he DEFINITELY needs to be reported. OK...question...does Wayne rent or own the home?  If rents - are you on the lease?

    Wow... You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers my dear.  You are a strong woman and I know that the Good Lord is protecting and guiding you. 

    Love ya!
  • TrishSue
    Well I aint so sure if that would help or not?
    I hafta go back and get my furniture though...prolly sometime next week I will have 2 men in a truck get just my furniture and then I will hafta move the boxes from here at my friends home to my storage...OMG!!! I am just plum WORE OUT I swear!!! Friday-tuesday I had to load my car by myself bcuz nobody wanted to help and get involved with Wayne...sheesh!!!

    SoOOoo my friiend Paul a neighbor 2 doors down from where wayne lives said he could help me get the boxes from my friends home and help me take them to my storage shed...he is a vietnam vet and has a bad back or he would of helped me with the furniture...he is my friend he hates wayne...go figure....wayne jumped his case a year ago when Paul's dog did doo doo in waynes driveway...he got in Pauls face and Paul called the cops...sheesh!!!
    I made up with Paul over the summer when he was walking the dog I would be in the garden and I would always talk to him...maybe I did it becuz it made wayne mad...yaaaa think?? LOL!!!!!!
    Tomorrow it will be a whole week that I have been "Country Strong!!!"

    I just want to get this moving over with so I can move on with my life...I havent worked yet this year...WOW!!! That sint like me at all...jumminey crickets!!!

    Sont worry cuz I got this thang ok!!!
    Luv ya bunches Kelly!!!
  • TrishSue
    Guess what Chickie?
    I went into the Hamilton Police station today to file a complaint...spoke to the big CHIEF there...he assured me that is the rules for visit only...and the cop assumed I was just gettin my clothes...SHEESH!!
    He told he would say something to the officer...but you know how THAT goes...they will prolly laugh about it over some free donuts and coffee......Jimminey Cricktes!!! LOL
  • kzak4151
    Trish - Perhaps I've already shared some of these with you that I wrote - but I thought that they would be inspirational my dear!  These are poems I wrote a couple years back and put in my book.  Hope they help... Thinking of you always!


    Life is so short
    Try to get ahead,
    Wanting it all
    Or nothing instead.

    What path to take
    There’s so much to do,
    I must be strong
    Not depend on you.

    Find life’s meaning
    And just be content,
    Live every day
    Live life how it’s meant.

    Just be yourself
    In time you will see,
    Life just happens
    Happier, you’ll be.

    Day by Day

    Life is not an easy task
    To live it day by day,
    For every step that we take
    We must think along the way.

    There may be some different paths
    That we must overcome,
    For once we have conquered them
    We are proud of what we’ve done.

    We set goals we try to reach
    Taking that extra stride,
    Wanting so much to succeed
    When we do we fill with pride.

    So much we want to complete
    Struggles may come our way,
    One must always give their all
    Living their life day by day.

    Talking to God…

    God, I know that you can hear me
    Even if I do not speak.
    I come to you on bended knee
    Your guidance is what I seek.

    God, I know that people question
    I tell them you are real.
    I never forget to mention
    Your presence I can feel.

    God, I know my prayers you’ll answer
    Although it may take some time.
    It may not be what I’m after
    But it’s your will and not mine.

    God, I know you are always near
    When Satan causes my fall.
    Your will is not always so clear
    That’s when my faith says it all.

    God, I know that I make mistakes
    Forgiveness is such a gift.
    My trust and belief I misplace
    Yet my burdens you will lift.

    God, I know you’ll show me your way
    And help me clean up my mess.
    To ask you is all I must say
    And you’ll do all of the rest.

    God, I know that I’ve been lied to
    That’s when I begin to doubt.
    I must give my problems to you
    For that’s what you’re all about.

    God, I know that someday we’ll meet
    Somewhat scary yet so true.
    Coming through your gates will be neat
    I’d love standing next to you.

  • TrishSue
    ((((((((hugs)))))) Back at'cha Andie!
    Thank you! : )
  • kzak4151
    Really?  What a bunch of jerks!!!  They should have told you that you only had one time that they would escort you.  Nit wits anyway.  I don't think they are laughing over it - they probably feel really bad for you over that idiot Wayne the Pain and what he did to you.  Look at it this won't need anymore Preparation H - you got rid of your huge Hemmoroid!!!!!  P in the A!!  LOL  Gotta feel good, sucks, but very proud of you.  Keep smilin' cuz it makes people wonder what you're up to.  I found out the hard way - I know you enjoy working for the school - however...IF you haven't contributed to Social Security within the past 5 years of filing - you can't receive disability benefits from them.  So...if you HAVE contributed - they why not file?  You should be able to get it.  Also...if you have worked for the school - they you probably contributed to SERS - My disability went through in less than 3 months through SERS.  Plus...I don't have to go to the "recheck" every year - like the Dr. said - if they haven't found a cure - I don't need to see you back.  Those are just a few tips chicky!!!  Take care and you're always in my prayers.
  • TrishSue
    I was writing down the reasons to stay with wayne...reasons to leave....AND
    The reasons to leave out-weighed the reasons to stay...the way it was.                                    
    I can miss him all I want...I left him when he told me he wasnt ready to get married april 17th.....
    I would NOT have moved here...IF he wasnt ready to get hurts but I know in my heart THIS is the RIGHT thing to it hurting me...YEeeeUP!!! BUT...I have to do this for Meeeeeee!!!
    I am one hell of a woman...I clean, cook, bake, do yard work....and I can even make ya feel like a man...I got it going on gf...SHAME there aint gonna be anymore men in this gals life...
    The way it is...I am DONE!!!
  • clarinetmom
    A wise woman once told me that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle! You really don't "need" Wayne, or any other man that doesn't value you. It's better to be single than to cater to someone like that!
  • TrishSue
    I feel as though I have gone from the fireplace into the deepest pit of HELL right now!!! THe anger here is terrible!!! I feel so bad for my friend...she NEVER told me he was this way...OMG!!! If I knew this I would have lived out of my car!!! OMG!!!
    Now all my stuff is here and I hafta wait for the MS society to approve the help moving my bedroom suit that was my moms, rocking chair and sofa table...and then I can move the stuff here into my storage place I feel sooooooo HORRIBLE!!!!!
  • TrishSue
    Her hubby is an ex navy seal....he freaks me out! I am afraid one of these days he will just SNAP!!! OMG I have never heard such wicked abuse ever in my life!!! He yells at her all week long and then fridays he comes home with chineese food and is all sweet...later he is yelling againat her..all week every night this goes on.....I am going to lose it if I dont get outta here!!!

    I searched and searched for apartments.....either they are in BaaaaD neighborhoods in cincy and far away from my schools or they are close by and TOO expensive!!! Girl I gotta get outta this place!!! I will not crazy here!!! OMG my kids are 2 hours away in Indiana my dad and step mom live in Pa....I have only lived here the last 1 1/2 years and I dont know anybody....trapped is what I feel like right now......

    I wish I knew what the hell to do?????
  • TrishSue
    My hands are shaking...I cant type today. Will try to get back on later....
  • kzak4151
    Trish- asked my advice right? 

    I always hope and pray that when asked, I give the right advice. least what I would do in that situation. So...

    1)  I would somehow pull your friend aside and ask her why in God's Green Earth is she staying with this ex Navy Seal???  IF she is afraid of him - then she can get a protection order against him, go to the police, etc...NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment - sounds to me like he is a French Fry short of a Happy Meal and you're right - he could snap at any time.  GET OUT - BOTH of YOU!!!  It sounds as if he may be suffering from PTSD and/or Bi-Polar disorder.  The military definitely does NOT tolerate abuse - whether you are active, retired, a veteran, etc...She should go to the VA as well and try and get some assistance.  That's what they are there for.  She could be saving her own life as well as his.

    2)  I realize that you work for the schools there, haven't been back at all this year right?  You have NO ties there - you went there becuz of another guy that's a definite French Fry short of a Happy Meal - including the Prize!!!  What's holding you there?  You mentioned before that you could always go back to PA - that's where I would go.  I would go and stay at your parent's (I thought you said previously that they would welcome that).  You could really be doing THEM a big favor Trish - by helping them out with the cooking, cleaning, running of errands, yard work and I'm sure you could find a job at the schools.  Every school needs a Teacher's Aide, Sub, Cafeteria worker, etc...  At least you'd feel safe.  That's what I would do. 

    3) IF you truly don't want to move back home - what about your friend with whom you are living with - find an apartment together and share expenses.  Hopefully it isn't too late for her - It's a sad-sad situation - one that NO ONE deserves to be in.  You are right when you said a little while ago that perhaps you were sent there for a reason....

    That's my 2 cents worth sweetie.  Please let me know what you decide.   I know it's not an easy situation and/or decision - but I know that you will make the right, wise and smart one.  Stay safe and I'm here!

  • TrishSue
    I know GOD hasnt gone I was going to see an apartment about 40 mis from I was going to go and my friend came in...I told her where it was...she said OMG they have drive by shootings there Trish its a bad neighborhood BUT I was going to check it out anyways I wanna get out from here....then I was almost to Middletown when the woman from St Rafaels called me back...the housing office told me to call them...I called this morning....said they had emergency housing emergenc housing for people in crisis...they can live there till they get on their feet she said....come early at 9 and fill out an application with our soc sevice worker honey she said...her voice was so calming...I felt GOD right there with me...and I turned the car around.....I knew at that moment GOD was in control...that neighborhood was not a good place for me.....I gotta let GOD take the steering wheel!!! : )
    Bless you Kelly!!!
    Thanks for listening to me whine...LOL
  • kzak4151
    You absolutely are NOT whining my dear!  I'm soooooooooooo happy for you. have to let God take the wheel, even though WE are the ones that want that control - he knows what is best for us.  Stay strong!