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  • TrishSue
  • kzak4151

    You are very welcome my dear!!!!  YOU ARE strong...but let God guide you!  We seem to think WE know what is best for us and we go for it and it usually doesn't turn out so good - like that saying from Footprints (which I dearly love) is then that I carried you!!!  Let HIM carry you through these rough patches Trish - I promise...IF you do - don't look back - it will all be worth it in the end.  He has big plans for you - just wait and see.  Sometimes we have to endure heartache, obstacles and complete meltdowns but there is a reason for everything - I truly believe that!

    Love ya and bunches of hugs!

  • TrishSue
    Thank you Kelly for being such a GREAT friend!!! I appreciate you soooo MUCH!!!

    God has placed you in my life for a reason!  : )

    Thank you to EVERYONE for being there for me through all of this!!!  : )

    I have some VERY good news to tell you!!!

    Yesterday I called The Dove House here in Hamilton its affilated with th YWCA and they have a womens rooming house for women facing challenges and abuse and.......

    "I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED!!!" And also the good thing is...I can bring my kitten with me as long as I keep him in my room!!!! OMG!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!  : )

    They have counselling and group sessions which will really help me out a BUNCH!!!

    They offer help getting food stamps and whatever agencies is needed to start your life over again!!!! OMGOSH!!!
    {NOTE:} I have not told Gary ( Leslies BF) where I am he doesnt tell Wayne...I told him I am moving into an efficiency apartment...temporarily and will be getting a 1 BR apartment as soon as one comes available!!! )

    The MS Society has let me know I will be receiving my check for two and a half men tomorrow so I made arrangements to get my furniture and the few items I have left at Waynes Friday! ( THANK YOU to the NMSS for being such a BLESSING!!! ) : )
    I called the JERK last night to make sure he was going to be there...he said, (he has some huge NERVE!) "Can I have my ring set back?" I laughed and said, you have gotta be kidding right? Did you copy all of my kids, family pics and picture of trips to my parents in Pa? He said no I deleted I said Oh Well sorry about your luck...I am going to delete your ring too!!! Then I let him know there are still somthings at his house I need to get while we are there...he said Oh I dont hafta let you have anything...I said well I could make this really ugly and bring the police...he said BRING them I dont care...

    I WILL be calling the Rights to the Disabled first thing this morning and speaking to that attorney I spoke to the other day who told me...HE NEVER should have taken my house key in the first place...I am STILL a resident there!!! OHIO LAW!!!

    SoOOoo I will call him and ask what I can do...

    The fact that I am doing this WITHOUT Waynes help and am NOT calling him to beg him to come back is REALLY eating at him!!!

    Monday night he called Gary ( Leslies BF ) and was asking how I was doing...Gary was drunk and he told him I was still here...OMG!!! ) What wayne was doing was pumping him for to see if I went to Indiana to stay with my kids...but guess what?

    I AINT!!! I WILL PULL myself UP from this siuation with GODS! HELP!!!

    And I have learned a very hard lesson from all of this..."NEVER EVER TRUST ANOTHER MAN EVER AGAIN!!!"

    This girl is sooooo DONE!!! : )

    Thanks Kelly and thank you to everyone for offering me your support and warm friendship!!!!

    May God richly bless you ALL!!!


    Trish Sue

  • kzak4151
    Good Morning dear -
    GREAT news!!!!  See...I told you things would work out.  I watch enough Judge Judy - LOL...IF the man or should I say (whimpy idiot) breaks things off - then YOU my dear get to KEEP the ring - it was HIS doing - NOT your's - is a gift to YOU.  So tell him to light that in his pipe and smoke it!  LOL

    Glad you aren't telling your friend's husband - good call - he will obviously blab and you don't need that.  Are you afraid at all that Wayne will come after you?  IF so...get a protection order.

    I know you left in a hurry - do you have any receipts at all about what you have in that house and that you purchased it?  Bank records?  Anything?  If so...than you definitely have proof - although you shouldn't need it.  But since he is being such a jerk, you just never know what he's capable of doing.  You definitely need to make DARN SURE that he is NOT getting more money from the state and/or Government by claiming that you are a dependent and you are living there.  That would really be committing fraud and you could nail him big time.  That's a felony I believe. 

    As far as writing ALL men off - Yes...for now!  When you least expect it...and when you are ready, the Good Lord will bless you at the right time.  Good things come to those who wait!

    Again... sooooooooooooooo glad things are starting to come around for you.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya!
  • TrishSue
    Thanks Kelly!!! And thats what the women here are telling me to do...take out a CPO on him...he has been calling my sister in Florida wh is watching her ex hubby die from liver cancer right now he is the father to her 8 yr old also...she does not need wayne calling her...and he is calling my friend Leslie and her hubby Gary trying to find out where I am at? Like why the hell does he care anyways...he told me to go and would not respect me these last 6 months were hell...
    I have the paperwork for the CPO I am waiting for the women who is from the courthouse to come get it tomorrow and file it for me....I could get over him if he woud stop trying to find out where I am...OoOOooMG!!!
    HELL YEAH he misses me...and not just my fabulous cooking either...LOL!!!
    I think its hit him SMACK dab in his heart now that he realizes Trish aint trying to contact him in any way...she aint at her friends house...OMG where is the girl I mistreated so much she left me...LOL
    I would really like to chat with you Kelly I have a new cell number now...chjanged my number the day after I left...
    I will try to call you tomorrow ok!!!
    Thanks for being here for me!!!

  • tatmwy08
      I am so sorry that you are having to go though this with no support.  I went though a horable divorce five in a half years ago, if I did not have the support of my family and friends I don't know what I would have done.  Keep your head held high and dig down deep for strength there are people who do care.  Wishing you the best of luck...

  • raward87
    Trish Sue,
    I know how you feel. I don't really have any friends where I live in KY. I moved here for a job. I am the provider for my family, and I wish more than anything that my wife could take some of that burden from me. I feel like she doesnt understand what is going on with me. I have those days where it hurts to move and it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay awake and focused. I get through everything by focusing on something important. For me it is mostly my son. I force myself to keep going for him. It breaks my heart when he asks if I have the energy to play with him, or if I am in pain and can spend time with him. :( If you are a veteran you could try the VA. I am a veteran also, and the Paralyzed Veterans of America is a great support group. Go to their website and fill out the application. It is free because you are veteran and have MS. I would say that would be a great option. I wish you luck and am praying for you. God bless!
    Trish Sue, I think your boyfriend is NOT the Right 1 for you!
    There seem to be many men too CHICKEN for a sick partner!
  • RKB-NJ

    You main  issue has nothing to do with your MS.  No one deserves abuse of any kind, whether it is verbal or physical. I've been through it and I know.  I don't know anything about you or this man but it's pretty clear that you THINK you have been dependent on him a long.  Notice that I used the word "think."  Everyone makes choices. You made a choice to leave your home and your friends behind, you are making a choice to stay, you are making the choice to think you are dependent and you are making a choice to be a victim.  Yes, I know this sounds harsh, but that's what you need to hear to so you can make a better choice.   It may be the hardest choice you ever have to make, but in your heart, you know it's the right one.

    I'm very lucky to have a husband of 23 years who adores me as much as I adore him, and even he finds it hard to deal with my MS.  It's not the MS that's the problem for your man, it's you.  He's the weak one beause he's a coward to take a woman (MS patient or not) and bring her down the way he's done to you.  It's your turn to be the strong one.  You are worth it.   You deserve better.   No one, no one, no one, deserves abuse.

    Help is just an internet click away.  I found the "Action Ohion Coalition for  Battered Women" with just one click.  Call them for a start and then let them help you get the hell out of there.   Good luck.



    It's not your fault you got this piss-poor disease!
    I hope you don't get another disease to add to this 1 :-(
    I thought if I led a clean life nothing bad would happen!
    You need
    to get rid of that man!
  • maxthomas2011
    Do you happen to live near the Dayton area?  I have recently moved here.  I am meeting others by volunteering for the local MS chapter.  There are MS support groups that meet in the area.  Perhaps your doctor will know of a group.  I do not know if you attend church, but this may be an option too, there are so many different options these days with churches.  Perhaps counseling?  This is something I am and have considered.  I do not feel ashamed of this.   I have had a lot of depression too, and I would definately talk to your family doctor about this.  I am sorry you are going through this and feel so alone.  Making connections and getting involved with an MS chapter has helped me.

  • mlynarczyk
    Well, you are not alone! Do you have a support group  in your area? If you do not know what to do ask someone you trust, the NMSS has what is called a navigater, call the toll free #, Do you have a power chair? Go outside! If you do not cook, look for other options.
    NEVER give up!
  • jsmyth2003
    My dear pack your bags and go back home..
  • deeteezee77
    I will pray for you because I know how it feels to have a person act totally different when they find out you have MS its almost like the become a alien Invaders of the the Body Snacthers.  You almost feel like this is the person I love but they act as if they barely know you anymore and they have transformed into someone completly different, but their is always light at the end of every tunnel just remove yourself from the situation because the stress in my situation makes my MS worse so I dont know how it effects you and even if you have to struggle to getaway from that situation get out before you stress yourself into bad health i hope all ends up well for you.
    God Bless and move at GodSpeed ;)

  • Debrina
    Sorry to hear what you are going through. Having MS is challenging enough and to add negativity is not positive. Stress and MS are not friends.
    Have you checked into housing for the disabled and with your local housing authority? They should have helpful information. Also your earning's from work may increase your benefit amount as you continue to work. Your local Social Office can explain how that works.
    Stay encouraged and remain faithful.
  • Debrina
    Have you thought about connecting with a church. It may take visiting a few churches before finding one that you are comfortable with. Also I think it's important to be patient with yourself as you attempt to become more independent and disconnect from the relationship. Sometimes we take 5 steps forward and 3 backwards. Be patient doing your journey towards a healthier and happier you.
    I sure with they had spellcheck, I can barely spell my name on many days.
    Also you may want to start a gratitude list. One thing I put on my list daily is being thankful that God allowed me to use my legs today.
  • spirdiva
    ...and I moved from Pa. to In. to be with my love!  Diagnosed a year ago and my symptoms have hit me hard and very quickly and have never let up.  I have no friends herein the entire state and no family living.  The MS services in this state are few and far between.  I feel very isolated.   I'm on Facebook and that's my link to what Icall civilization!  My boyfriend just now GETS how much I'm struggling with this disease and is taking steps to help me.  Still the best help is from someone who KNOWS what you're dealing with on a daily, hourly basis.  This area of Indiana is remote enough....and MS isolates it's sufferers even more.  My best to you.  I'm here to help.  How about some give and take???  I certainly neeed "connections"!