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  • Amy_C
    So since my diagnosis of MS and transverse myletis and my diabetes being back in July...I started with numbness, tingleing, the "MS HUG"  in my hands, arms and mid-trunk to toes.  Last few nights noticing what I now know is Lhermittes sign plus my concentration has become so bad I am really not sure which way is up!!  oh and hubby and I are noticing speech issues too.

    I am on copaxone.  Has anyone noticed lack of appitite on this? Or is this just another congnitive thing?  

    Sorry feeling very down today and just really want to scream and cry and run away.  But yes I know it doesnt solve anything.  I am lucky I have a wonderful, supportive hubby and my DD is adjusting as well as a 4 year old can.  

    Any words of wisdom?

  • maria1
    slloooooow down
    sllooooow down some more
    and then slow down to a stop
    take one day to rest
    and then think about resting before you get tired
    and then slow down
    begin very slowly to see what you can do

    slow motion is the way you travel now, and sometimes the brain wants to go fast and the body goes slower and then the body wants to go fast and the brain goes no where
    and then once in a while they meet and go in opposite directions
    except when they go together

    welcome to the wonderful world of surprise suprise suprise
    giggle, the more you giggle the better it is
    and then giggle some more

    choose special tasks and forget the rest
    close your eyes to the unimportant
    and celebrate simplicity
  • kc41101
    Hi Amy C,

               Isn't MS fun (all kinds of sarcastic:)) ? I've been on Copaxone for a year now and it's like my appetite comes in waves, if it wasn't for having to feed my kids I probably would forget to eat but not sure if it's because of the copaxone or my wanting to become one with the couch:)
                 Scream, cry it's okay (I do then my kids join in (can't tell if they are fighting with each other or just teasing me) Kids are great even when they drive us crazy (i have a 7 & 4 yr old).
                Don't really know what Lhemittes is but the one good thing about poor concentration at times is that I am forever losing my car keys and the kids only wind up on restriction for a day. Best wishes to you and your family.  

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