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  • Baylee
    I have learned to cope in many ways with the cognitive deficits but it gets expensive when I lose things or leave them behind on trips.  I try to be nice to myself but it is so frustrating sometimes.  I just tell people it's BRAIN DAMAGE...I have the pictures...
  • maria1
    In my own home I lose things, I don't have to go elsewhere. I spend hours looking for things. I think I have learned not to expect anything or to expect everything from me. The worst is when I spend hours turning the house upside down then find what I am looking for exactly where I thought it was, and did not recognize it the five other times I looked there .  Like 'refrigerator blindness'  a commedian said about her husband, accept it and its funny , reject it and it is miserable.
  • problemchild
    ya but then what do you do when the people closest to you dont understand and you have nobody to talk to about it because your not suppose to think about it. 
  • Robn0470
    What do you do when you are talking to your friends and family who have no clue of what's going on with you and just think you are crazy.  Well, they look at me that way.  What do you do when you are conversing and either you stop in mid sentence as if you weren't haviing a conversation at all.  Or you are having a conversation and you forget the topic.  or you have trouble conversing in a professional capacity.  I'm having that trouble conversing with my co-workers in a professional capacity. 
  • GioVannia
    Greetings from New England......

    Then you come right this place, on your PC, where you can talk to anyone here, about anything you want, with no judgement or fear. We all understand what you are going through. All of us have experienced the emotional and physical trauma you are going through. But you are never alone. Angels come in many forms......And my friend, There are many ANGELS on here.  So WELCOME.....We are here for you.
  • Baylee
    That is what all of us are here for pchild...we understand and you can tell us anything.
  • Baylee
    Thank you so much GioVannia. I will definitely be here. I have also created a support/discussion group about the above topic. Hope you will drop by...

    It's so good to know people like you are out there....I think you were responding to problemchild but please drop by the group...

  • problemchild
    what do you do when the people around you say where tired of hearing it we know your sick but were tired of hearing you talk about it. were tired of hearing how you hurt. you should keep that stuff to yourself and talk about other stuff and what do you do when your oldest child says if you just keep your mind off of it then the pain and stuff wont be there?
  • matthewedwardgeorge
    This is exactmy what my wife says all day and her friends as well.  Very frustrating and unloving-to say the least.
  • Baylee
    Hi Robin,
    I must admit humor is my biggest defense when my brain doesn't work right in public. If I forget what I am talking about I either say it's an MS moment, Amtrak train of thought or must've been a lie...hahaha. I tell people when I go out to dinner or something if I fall down just keep walking and pretend you don't know me.  Another catch phrase I use is Swiss cheese brain...or say oh heck we all know I'm a spazz case.   You'd be surprised at how accepting the brain damage and making fun of it can put people at ease.  It's not for everyone but it works for me. I don't work anymore but I used to tell coworkers, my brain isn't working right today or I am having trouble with words.   What I hate the most is checking out at the supermarket...they sometimes treat me like I am a retarded person because I am tired and get slow and spacey with the card machines.  Owell...I say phooey on  em if they can't take a joke. I also quit caring what people think of me or how I appear in public.  A few disasters in public put that to rest real fast... Good luck's reall difficult to handle, I know.
  • maria1
    No children here, but when my family did that I said, thank you for your support, it really means a lot to me to know I can count on you when I need you.'
  • kara_w
    It's hard. And you aren't alone. 

    My family is in complete denial, and bringing up MS only seems to make the situation worse. My son, a teenager at the time that I was diagnosed, was mostly worried about whether or not he would get it. He's a child and I take his reaction to mean that he knows that it's serious. The rest, I've been taking in baby steps.

    But you've taken the first step. You are here. And here is full of people that not only understand but who know exactly what you are going through. It's a good place! :)
  • Baylee
    I try to put myself in their shoes and it probably can get old hearing it and they are just mean to say things like that to you. The whole problem is it IS your mind.  How do you get out of your disease when it's in your brain? I just give people closest to me an update of where I am at that day and leave it at that. They have NO IDEA what you are going through. Another place where acceptance that they will never understand comes in. I just say I feel like a truck ran over me or whatever and know they don't and never will get it. That's what these forums and support groups are for.  We get it.  ALso I keep a helps me to write it down.
  • Baylee
    Glad you posted Kara. My family is in denial too.  I don't take it one day at a time, it's more like and hour or two at a time for me. 
  • Baylee
    I hate it when I turn the house upside down and it's right where it should be. I didn't think of looking in the correct place first. I just assumed I misplaced it.
  • Baylee
    totally relate...i hate losing things and it has become a huge part of my life finding lost items...
  • Baylee
    Welcome Vicki,

    You are in the right place. Cog problems are some of the most difficult to deal with. We will all help as much as we can. I find very little forums or articles even on this subject. Glad you are here...

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