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  • NupesBabyGirl
    Hi Everyone, It has been a long time since I have been on here. I have notice that I have been sleeping more and when I say more I mean more! I could go to bed between 11pm and 1am which is my normal time but I'm sleeping all day long till about 45 minutes till my daughter gets home from school which is 3:30pm. I have tried moving my bed time back till 9pm and it is the same thing, If I have to go to the doctors the day before it is worse. this pass weekend I slept till 7:30pm! During the warmer months it is not as bad I will get up at noon and I can still do things but the winter months are bad for me what can I do different? This is crazy I NEVER slept this long. I really don't know what to do I feel like I'm missing out on life and doing things with my husband and daughter on the weekends!
  • Tatyana
    I had a similar issue as well, but then I started adding exercise 1-2 times per week (swimming and runnin/walking outside) - a mixture of fresh air and body moving really helped! My sleep pattern is back to normal and I have a lot more energy!
  • hippie
  • Bobo
    Please get an appointment with your neurologist to have a review of all your medicines. Possibly they are interacting negatively and adding to the MS fatigue.  Also sleep patterns can change when depression enters into the mix, either sleeping too much or too little. Maybe try some scheduled activity even if it's only walking to the end of the walk/driveway and back the first times. Can you discuss your current daytime routine and what you'd like your daytime routine to be with the doctor? 
  • dalealan
    Have you talked to neuro about this?  They have meds for the fatigue associated with MS that do help if this the problem.  I take Ritalin and it helps me.  I understand that this is really impacting you life, I used to sleep like that and I hated it.  Take care of your self  Dale
  • Charley
    Have they checked your thyroid?i
  • Jailee006
    It sounds like a trip to the Neurologist is in order.  MS fatigue can be debilitating.  My doctor says that MS fatigue is worse than the fatigue that cancer patient undergoing chemo experiences.  Fatigue has always been an issue for me.  Sometimes it is worse than others.  When it gets bad I see the doctor for ritalin or provigil to give me the pick me up that I need.
  • Avatar
    Yes, I would be interested in what the doctor says.  I have the opposite problem--I can't sleep unless I take something for it.  It really works and I get 7-8 hours every night.  But I can't imagine sleeping most of the day away. 

    You could also talk to your pharmacist and ask him/her what all your medications do.  I have done that before when I had a weird symptom and I found out more from the pharmacist than from the doctor.  They are really good with the side effects if it is from a medication. 

    But there is always the possibility that it is from MS.  Like I said, I cannot sleep without medication and would literally go without sleep without medication until I died.  My body will not produce any hormones to allow me to sleep.  So good luck in your search.

    Please keep us updated with what you find out.  Thanks for sharing.
  • NupesBabyGirl
    Thanks Dale I will be seeing my neuro on April 5 at 11:45am I have been seeing him off and on since 2001. Last time I saw him was in 06 and he moved his office 2 hours from me at the time and I had to take the bus every once I lost from wheels. I can't wait to see him so he can get everything in order. Talk to you soon and take care
  • Roo2U
    I slept like this too and they also put me on ritalin - life saver with kids you have to be around for them.  Talk to Dr. and start living life again!
  • NupesBabyGirl
    I will be on April 5,2013 but I do see my family doctor in the morning today and I can ask her about this and see what she says.
  • NupesBabyGirl
    Thank You everyone I will be taking all information to both doctors and I will let you what they say as soon as I know something. Thanks Guys Baby Girl
  • KIM_9
    Anyone with MS is most likely to have Lassitude...chronic fatigue. They can give you stimulants, ritilan, is the disease. Period. I have not worked since July and probably wont again just because I cant stay awake. It is all part of MS.  Get used to it, unfortunately.
  • NupesBabyGirl
    Thanks Kim! That is what I am doing trying to get use to MS and trying to make room in my life for it. I am going to have to find someone to help me with everyday living
  • fycilozig
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