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  • Bkboo
    I am so different and dont understand. I have lesions all over and active lesions in my frontal lobe. I dont think clearly, memory, or organize well. Its even difficult to choose what to wear, shower etc...not because Im not able to physically but mentally..Geez...I struggle with horrible depression. Taking anti depressants but nothing has changed...I know its only been 2 weeks but shesh.... 
  • rockstreesminerals
    I have major cognative issues with my RRMS plus, I have ADHD and dyslexia so I am really messed up. All the meds to speed MSers up like Ritalin slow me down... Its a big huge mess. I try to write everything down but then I can't find where I have left the notebook...
  • nursep
    Cog fog is the worst! My least favorite symptom of all! Hopefully yours lifts soon and the sun shines through! Antidepressants can also make you feel a bit foggy when titrating dosage according to the med books. :) So, it may not be all you. Wishing you days of sunshine, blue skies and happiness!
  • nursep
    Oh and you may want to check with your Dr., a lot of the DMD's can cause cognitive/emotional disturbances. Once again, may be a combination of causative factors? Not just you and your MS. :)
  • mags4050
    I so get what you are saying.  what kind of ms do you have.  I have so many blanks in my life just in the last several months.  I do not want to quit working and yet I need to when I need to.
    brain  please still work for me.


  • Avatar
    I can identify.  I go into a room and forgot what I came into there for.  I lose my notebook that I write everything down in!  It's crazy. 

    I certainly sympathize with your problem.  You are not alone.
  • Bella26
    gotta give it a couple more weeks...Have faith. Last year I hardly  moved off the couch, since the depression meds  I have a spring in my step. Still have days I dont feel good or are just tired, but my disposition has changed immensely. Stay strong!  
  • Bkboo
    the problems I have are directly related to the MS. The anti depressant I just started....I wish it was...the fog started with the attack back in january and it hasnt gotten better.
  • Bkboo
    I have Intermittant. I hadnt really heard anything from the MS in almost 20 yrs. I stopped working out, cant even think about working...dont know what I will do. I taught Martial arts and dance, have  to renew my cosmetology liscence..but phew remembering to do things in order is a struggle. So cant do that right now....lots of, love life, etc...
  • Bkboo
    I know...I walk into a room and stand there thinking what the (blank) did I come in ihere for!? Happens a lot,,,grrr...i  dont know who I am, I dont do anything anymore I feel like I have checked out and then some days I find myself mowing the lawn...sigh I dont understand. why I am  so different....sigh

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