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  • Jessi
    So I was looking for any good apps on the Blackberry that you guys use to help you either manage your symptoms, medicine dosage or anything else.  Everything I see (like the Momentum magazine) is for the iPhone.  Thanks for your insight!!! 
  • JonL
    I also have the iPhone 4s with Siri.
    Siri uses a good voice regognition to make callls, set reminders, send messages, make notes, locate venues, etc...
    My eyesight gets strained from looking at small screens for too long and it is very helpful.
  • LauraK
    Hi Jessi, I don't know about blackberry apps because I am on iphone/ipad for my mobile use and a pc laptop for at home  Weird to have these mixed uses.  Anyway, the one app I would recommend to you to try to find is a medical one.  I have Medical e-folder on my phone and ipad. 

    On this file I have saved the names and contact numbers of my doctors,list of my meds, and other important info. I can easily retrieve it when I am at the doctor and need the information.  It is also displayed prominently on my front page so if something were to happen to me, an emergency responder can select that app and get my emergency contact information. 

    You want to find one that can be overridden if you have autolock set on your mobile device.  You can find this one at and see if it works for Blackberry. 

    Congrats on wanting to make smart use of that smart phone!

  • Jessi

    Thanks for the tips Laura!  I currently have I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) on my phone which has basic info,  but I never even thought about my password!  That's something I need to look into.  I'm off to check out

  • JonL
    The emergency app I use is called ICE (In case of Emergency).
    In it, you can save all your medications and doses, your emergency contacts(md's, family, etc...) AND have it send a message to those contacts if you have an emergency.
    It also will let the EMT's see your location via GPS if you call them.
  • broganrandall
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