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  • GioVannia
    Let me first acknowledge the author of this idea, her name is Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D, and she is the Editor of the Site on MS. I thought this would give everyone something to think about when well meaning friends and relatives say " What would you like for Christmas dear?"
    Let's offer some suggestions on What would be some great choices for us, and What would be totally inappropriate............And if your in the mood, Whats the worst gift you every got?
  • maria1
    worst for a woman = stiletto heels
  • maria1
    Finally thought of a best = a diary! or blank pages book to write in.

    How about an all expenses paid visit to the emergency room - fits as best and worst = giggle
  • msfish
    Well 1st let me say  we are just like every body else. Get a present you would want to get.

    1 thing maybe not to give  a hot tub!

  • SueG
    What I would like? I read about a pillow that surrounds your body and helps with pain - I don't know if I can post name of products and am not an endorsing type. But that is what I would want for Christmas.  I also like games to help my brain and memory. 

    What not to get me?  a pony? or stilts - definately wouldn't want stilts ; )

    That's fun!
  • broganrandall
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